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Overdue Update


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Hello All!

Well let’s see. .. Have been feeling lousy (extreme fatigue, started bruising easy, light bleeding in mouth/nose, red dots appearing on shin etc) lately so had a feeling it was my platelets (have ITP) acting up. Went to the doctors last Monday and sure enough platelets were 5K. Was sent home on Prednisone (80MG) which is the standard course of treatment. Platelets went back up (15K) Wednesday but then by Saturday went back (6K) down so had go to the ER to be admitted to the hospital. Given steroids, IVIG, and Rituxan (Chemo) and the platelets went back (101K) up. Was out by Monday, so short visit this time. Will be going back on chemo (weekly Rituxan for second time, also had it in 2006) ITP and that sure take care of that problem.

Also saw the Surgeon again last Wednesday pushing for him to do a biopsy in the lymph nodes I just had biopsied last November because my Oncologist thinks there is still something funky going on but he does not want to take the risk (going under) with my other health issues. So game plan get another CT Scan and see what shows up and if needed try the CT Scan Guided Needle Biopsy.

Who would have thought seven years ago Lung (still stable) Cancer would be the least of my problems. Oh Well-- Go Figure! :roll::lol:

Well I think that’s about it for now. Everyone take care and have a nice weekend!


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HAng in there Rich and Just keep getting older. In this case thats a good Thing to be doing !! Big Prayers for good news and thanks for checking in been a while !! :wink:

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It's good to 'see' you, Rich. I sure hope there can be resolution to some of those problems. I'm not sure I know what ITP is, but sorry it's giving you trouble. I guess we here get so caught up with LC that sometimes we actually forget there are other severe maladies that need attention as well. As always, you'll be in our thoughts and prayers here. And hi to Kathy!



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Boy I hear you Rich. Ever since my heart problems popped up, my lung cancer got put on the back burner. :roll::wink: But, never fear, the lung cancer always lets me know it's just a hair away from and uproar. I too am dealing with dreaded nodules again, and mine went from 5mm to 1.6 X 1.2 cm. So, now I am in the CM size range. :roll: I can't have a biopsy because I am a one lunger and because of all the surgeries I have had it's way to risky. So, we watch them with a CT scan. It is what it is!

Oh well, I'm here today and that's all I can hope for. It's Another Great Day To Be Alive! :D:D:D

Hope you start feeling better soon Rich. Sending Get Well Wishes your way.

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It's good to see you checking in. I was afraid I was going to have to fine you for being absent without a hall pass. I know all these things that keep cropping up get frustrating - hopefully you will get some answers from the upcoming scan. Hang in there-


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Hi Rich,

Thanks for the update. Rich, your saga continues. You're definetly paying back some karma from a previous life. :roll:

Seriously, I really hope they take care of your present situation and your CT comes out fine.

Thinking of you as aways.

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi Rich ... sorry to hear you had another hospital visit, but glad that it was a short one. Hoping those levels remain normal once you start your treatment regime. I can't imagine how frustrating it is to deal with ITP on top of everything else. Yet, as always, you remain positive and upbeat. I certainly admire that in you and you make me strive to better myself in that area.

I hope and pray the CT scan will put your onc's fears (and yours) to rest once and for all by showing "nothing to be concerned about."

Huge congrats on 7 years and stable - that is so awesome! Please keep us posted on how your ITP issue is going - sending many positive thoughts your way.


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Rich, thanks for the update. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are my hero. You really do just roll with the punches, don't you. Hope your other issues get resolved and let us know about those nodules when you get the Scan results. Hoping upon hope that all's well for you.

Judy in Key West

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You continue to be such an inspiration to so many of us, not only lung cancer patients, but to all of us as human beings. You take things as they come and just deal with them. You have such an awesome attitude and you have certainly inspired me on many occasions. Want you to know that my prayers are on the way for good results to treatments and upcoming tests. Keep us posted.



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