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Thinking About You, Peggy, stand4hope


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I am moved to tears. Thank you all for remembering me on this sad day. Four years. Seems like yesterday. My son and I put flowers, beautiful gladiolas, on Don's grave last night. Yesterday, he would have been 61, and on this date he died. I hate/love August 4 and August 5. A good time to remember the good times, but a sad time as well.

I miss him so much. I seem to have digressed this past year back into grieving. I met with a pastor and he said it's probably because of the stroke. Not only am I feeling so alone, but weak and scared about the future. I'm a fighter, as you know, so I am seeking out people that can help me and finding activities to really start a new life. Someone in a meeting I attended said that sometimes to recover and start a new life takes more than fixing, changing, remodeling, etc. She said sometimes it takes complete demolition. I think she might be right.

I love you all so much and know that most of you are dealing with the same emotions and ups and downs as I am, and some are having a really hard time. I have learned to trust God to be at the steering wheel and take each day as it comes knowing that my favorite verse, Romans 8:28, is truth.

I love you all!


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(((Peggy))) I'm sending you warm hugs and lots and lots of love. I know how hard this time can be, but also the warmth that can come from remembering. I'm hoping you and your family can feel the loving arms of God around you during this difficult time.

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