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My thoughts and prayers are with you tonight.

I know this is scary but you have been such a rock and have endured so much and this will just be another bump in the road.

Can't wait to talk to you on Friday!!!

Sleep tight tonight, my friend.

Hugs - Patti B.

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I think if there were doubts then they would have addressed them. But I am gonna say a TON of prayers for this and Ya have to post up cause I have not heard of this before !! Your gonna rock the Procedure Lilly!!!!

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I'm home from MSKCC. They did a biopsy first before the CryoAblation and they tried 12 times to find cancer and came up with nothing...yipee!!!

The dr. thinks that maybe the pet scan picked up some inflammation (SUV was 4.7). Anyhow, he felt that there was no reason to move forward with CryoAblation which has some risk if he couldn't find a specific spot to freeze. So I'm home and feeling great, will get scanned again in a couple months.


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