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A wonderful event coming


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I am so happy to tell you my daughter is engaged! They will marry in November and I am worried about breaking down when her brother walks her down the aisle. Maybe it will happen at the rehearsal so I can keep my dignity during the wedding but I ask for your prayers even this far in advance.

She is asking the pastor who officiated at Rod's memorial service to do their ceremony because she feels a "tie" with him. I think that is so special. Her best friend wants to honor Rod in someway during the ceremony with a special flower in her bridal bouquet or a special decoration on the chair he would have sat in. I think Michelle is the most thoughtful young lady considering she brought it up Saturday as we celebrated the engagement.

Rod met Zack shortly before he died, he really liked him and would be so happy to see how Lacy has changed by loving Zack. We always said it would take someone special...


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maybe the reverend could say something to the effect on behalf of him who gives this bride to be.

If you break down so be it !! Tears of Joy are ok at weddings! My eyes were bloodshot!! :D:cry:

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First off, how wonderful!

"I am worried about breaking down when her brother walks her down the aisle."

I think weddings are for breaking down. My wife came down the aisle I broke down. There will be a flood of emotions I would think. Your flood will be full of many different things.

But I bet in that flood you will feel a connection to Rod. I understand your anticipation too.

I hope it is a wonderful day and no doubt Rod will be in your hearts that day.

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Hi Barrb,

Great news,please pass on my congratulations to Lacy and Zack,I wish them both a long loving and happy future together.So good Rod got to know Zack.Good month for the wedding too,anniversaries of Rods passing shared with the happy memories of your daughters wedding.I really think Rod would be so pleased with this arrangement.Tears,why not?,I have a feeling you will not be alone amongst your family and friends in attendance at this happy occassion.

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Just wanted to say congratulations Barb... that is the best news... :mrgreen: and if you break down... so what.. like you read on here that is what weddings are for and you certainly have a reason... but know that your husband will be walking with them both....

Bless you,


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Congrats Barb, what an exciting time for your family. Yes, there will be lots of tears but, that's okay. Sometimes, tears are good. :)

I am sure that Rod will be looking down at his daughter with love and appreciation that he was able to meet the man who will become her husband.

I still have "meltdowns" at such simple things as looking at our beagle and remembering how much Thom loved him and how he loved Thom.

So, I think at your daughters wedding, everyone will expect your feelings to show and that's okay.

Enjoy the day. I am sure you will "feel" Rod all around you. :)



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