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good news, bad news


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the good news: can't at this time detect any cancer cells in lung fluid draw

the bad news: as of 1:30 am Friday 1/16/2004, fathers lungs filling with blood and o2 levels dropped to 80%. emergency thorocentis (sp) and 100% oxygen. Massive infection somewhere in thorasic region, pushing IV antiobiotics. Waiting on surgery to be pushed up to sometime today to get chest tube in and drain blood from lungs so he can breath better.

very very sleepy, sat at hospital from 5:30 last night till 5:30 today, went home, walked dog, drove to work, crashed car into cement post (oops) didn't call husband to tell him until he was away at work so he could not come home and see boo boo car working to 5 and back to hospital for annual licking of vending machine glass cause I gots no money.

as i said, very sleepy

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Shellie -


Find a small bag to take with you when you go to the hospital, take a small pillow (for the hollow of your back or your neck when sitting in those ^*$@ chairs), rob the kids' piggy bank for change (or pack some snacks), and take a book. That's what I pack for my spouse (he has back problems and is KINDA tall - 6'3") when he's waiting for me any amount of time. First time I did it, I didn't tell him what was in the bag, just handed it to him so he could "explore" while I was in my own little world...

Sorry about the car, good choice on your "timing" with telling the spouse... :roll:

Hope the ride slows down some for you, sounds like you're running on fumes! Pull in to the station and get some fuel in your emotional tank. You can "top off" later, just get SOMETHING to sustain you for what is happening right now...

My thoughts are with you,


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Hope today goes better than this morning did. Hope the cement post lived to apologize and pay for damages.

Raid the cupboards for snacks, pack a little snack ( a red bandana tied on a stick will do)maybe some grapejuice, bread, and cheese. Remember your toothbrush and a washcloth, great for freshing up yourself.

I hope they sort things out so your dad's surgery can progress. Glad there were no tumor cells.

If all else fails, pull over on the shoulder and go to sleep. If a cop stops, just tell him you're ready to fall asleep and hit a cement post (again...).

They'll make sure you get home okay, and your husband wouldn't scold you about the car until after the cop leaves.

Seriously, besides a snack and a washcloth, maybe a little aroma therapy in the sack for yourself. Take an extra ten minutes to pack your bag, so you aren't so wrung out in the am. TG tomorrow is Saturday!

God bless and keep you and your dad safe, and your husband's sense of humor intact,


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Please, please take some time and energy for yourself...then you'll have some to extend to your dad. We love you so, and don't want anything to happen to YOU too. Praying for your dad that there continues to be no sign of cancer and that the other problems resolve.

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