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Scan Tomorrow!

Rower Michelle

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I made a promise to myself that I would not give my head any space to this scanziety thing but oh well I’m feeling off kilter this weekend & it’s probably the 7am CT scan tomorrow.  

I feel pretty well & other than the fatigue & edema I’m confident the meds are working well.

 I’ve been buried in disability paperwork for the last month.  I’m 90% through the pile & now I’m spending 90% of my time on the last 10%.  I’ve found it hard to focus on documenting all the things I’m not able to do. My approach since this diagnosis has been to rejoice in what I CAN do.  Clearly there have been people who have abused the system & the legitimate cases pay the consequences.  There’s a light at the end of this tunnel & I want to get back to my normal routine! 

Wednesday is the Florida trip so ocean here we come!  

Thanks for letting me vent a bit!  You guys rock. 

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I know you are probably still doing your scan about now but I wanted to add my good wishes. 

I would say their very few people who can ignore things like scans and starting chemo. We wouldn’t be human if we could. 

Hopefully your scan is done and you are can getting  on with your packing for Florida. Have a great time and don’t give anything else a thought while you are sitting on the beach watching a beautiful sunset.


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Thanks for helping me keep my perspective. Yesterday’s scan was my 6th one since diagnosis in September.  Very routine.  No emergency calls yesterday so my philosophy is nothing new to worry about.  

Hoping this storm doesn’t mess up the travel too much tomorrow. Amelia Island Here I Come!  

Onc visit is 2-26.  

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