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Upcoming CT scan & MRI Monday

Deb W

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Hi everyone,

Scanziety...yet again! There was  pleural thickening or nodularity seen on my last CT with contrast.  It's been about 5-6 weeks since the last CT.  I don't think I'll ever get used to these scans - especially the MRI.  I am hoping that the inflammation is due to the lobectomy and resection I had in March.  If all goes well I can go a full 6 months without scanning!  Wish me luck.

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Wishing you the best results! CT scans are scary, funny, ( well kind of) I have a CAT scan on Halloween again. Won't know what is what till Nov 4th. Easy to say, try not to think about it, and give yourself A+ for courage! You've got this! 

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I had one last Monday and got my results today.  I actually didn’t get to stressed out this time. Not sure exactly why but oh well I will take what I can get. Got my results today and they could have been better but, thank God, they weren’t any worse. I’m kind of where I was so no big change.

If you can find another focal point or spend more time with your family it really helps. I have started researching everything under the sun that doesn’t have anything to do with “ my now “ and it’s been pretty interesting. Biggest deal is, it has helped to put “ now “ more behind me. It gives me a little breathing room and maybe it would work for you. Breathing room is a big deal with all of us. It is hard to find sometimes in our present situation

So look for something that will take you “ outside “ of your own head for a while.

It is a really nice feeling.

Prayers for good news and relief from stress for you. We will all think good thoughts.

Keep us posted.



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The oncologist said overall it looks good.  I'm going to take that as excellent news because I don't have to go for another scan until April so I'm back on the 6 month scan interval until 2 years pass.  Thank you for your thoughts and good wishes.


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