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Lin wilki

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Scans after 2 rounds of chemo. Alimta and Carboplatin. Stable.  So one more double chemo. Another scan. If stable. Maintenance with just Alimta for???? until progression. Then targeted chemo for my HER 2 amplification. My oncologist had lunch with a HER2 specialist at MD Anderson. That made me feel confident that she’s always looking for the next option. I’ll probably need them!   But taking the time right now to be relieved

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Hooray for STABLE!   YES!  I’m sure that’s much better news than the kick in the pants update you had.  
Here’s an interesting observation from “mutant land”: in the ALK population (similar to HER-2) the longest living survivors (ten plus years) were never NED but stable.  Yes that was not a typo, over ten years of survivorship.  
So now you are an official tub thumper, you may get knocked down but you got up again!  So happy for you!   Will keep the prayers going.  
Carry on.  Michelle

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My first set of scans were defined as "stable" and frankly the term confused me as it didn't tell me if I was NED or not, but after hearing the explanation on it I've learned that it is so much better than the alternative.  Congratulations.


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