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pathology report

close to the edge

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Greetings to all

I have wonderful news the cancer was only in my lower left lobe. :D

pathology report states it was not in any of the lymph nodes they tested(they took 4) My post op is on March 19th. Its not the official word but it looks like stage 1A YAHOO :) I saw a pain management specialist today because I continue to have problems with pain in the chest and under arm area& back. :? apairentyly(sp) due to nerve /muscle trauma. I am currently reserching thoracic oncologist in my area to get an opinion about where to go from here. Thank you all for all the good advice and prayers. I did everything from your good advice which paid off. and your prayers were answered , Many thankss

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This is better than good, better than great.....how about *incredibly stupendous* news!! Please celebrate the ears off of this one ok??? A Canadian expression..not sure shared down South of the border. But it is self-explanatory.

Take care,

God Bless Us All..


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Not sure where Media, PA is located, but if you're close enough to NJ please call Drs. Robert Caccavale and Jean-Philippe Bocage. They are in Somerset, NJ and operate in St. Peter's in New Brunswick. They also have admitting privileges at Robert Wood Johnson. 732-846-3819. Website: thoracicgroup.com.

These guys were one of the first to do VATS (video-assisted thoracic surgery) and continue to teach the procedure to other surgeons.

Three weeks after my diagnosis which included massive pleural effusion, they did my bronchoscopy, pleurectomy and pleuridesis (talc poudrage), and I couldn't be happier with them one-on-one (bedside manner) OR with their expertise and ability and results.

Back then, a mere 10 months ago (Ha!--that was a lifetime!), I wasn't very knowledgeable, but had been referred to a very highly regarded oncology group, and my doc there sent me to them at our first meeting. After the surgery, everywhere I went--from port-insertion surgeon and nurses, to radiology places, to second and third opinions--the personnel volunteered that I had the *best of the best* do my surgery.

I've since heard dire statistics like only 40% of these procedures are successful, blah, blah, blah, which I didn't know at the time. All I know is that it was 100% successful for me!

Good luck and congratulations on being a surgical candidate! 8)


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