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Hi all! I just got out of the hospital for something not cancer-related, at least not lung-cancer related. I went into the ER because of severe abdominal cramping and vomiting and it turned out I had a small-bowel obstruction, most likely due to scarring or adhesions from my surgery and radiation for gynecologic cancer. That was 11 years ago and this is just turning up NOW? I'm indignant! I really should be grateful that this hasn't cropped up in all this time, since it's not rare after pelvic surgery.

Fortunately, they were able to get this sorted without surgery, although it involved some uncomfortable procedures. As a survivor of 3 primary cancers, I'm used to those as I'm sure all of us on these forums are. 

I'm on a limited diet, not sure for how long. It's kind of like what I ate when I had the chemo with concurrent radiation. (low fiber, soft foods, etc) Or rather what I couldn't eat.(most everything I liked). At least this time I can eat dairy products! Yay for ice cream! so long as it doesn't have any lumps of good stuff in it. 

Being in the hospital in the age of Covid is an additional challenge: overworked nurses , many of them travelers: overworked everybody else;  no visitors when you have a shared room , etc.

Guess I'm just needing to vent. I'm grateful it's not (another) cancer and that I'm alive and NED after 3.



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Is it okay to say so sorry to hear about the obstruction while also saying glad to hear that it was not any form of recurrent cancer.  Sorry to hear what you had to go through, but glad that you are better and back in the "free world".  I hope you continue to heal and stay home.



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Bridget, I am a veteran of what you went through, but my experience did involve surgery and a colostomy. It was life-saving and also life-changing. Glad you got out without surgery. Hope you're feeling better soon. 

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