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Hi friends,

Thanks to all of you - my dear extended family. It means alot to me since I do not have much family left and none in the state. I have a sister in Florida. Mother and Daddy went to heaven many years ago.

The good news is - the insurance approved the new treatment. The bad news is - Bill is too weak to even consider doing it yet. He has continued to be sick since I last posted. He cannot keep any solid foods down and yesterday couldn't even keep his Ensure and meds down. Thus he was in extreme pain most of the night last night. I have an urgent call into the doctor this morning - waiting on a reply. We may need to have another hospital stay to get him stabilized.

Thank you for your support and prayers. I feel I am losing it most of the time. I try to be strong for my daughter but it is so hard.

Blessings to you all,


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Dear Peg,

I was very happy to hear that insurance approved the new drugs. I will say extra prayers this evening that Bill starts to feel better soon and that treatment can begin again.

Blessings to you and your daughter. I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you, I pray that God will watch over you both and grant you renewed strength during this difficult time.


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I pray that Bill will regain his strength so he will be able to continue his new treatments.

Your all in my prayers Peg. If you need to LOSE it, here's the place to do it. We'll hold your hand and walk with you through the darkness and bring you much comfort during this bump in the road. I know it's not always easy being the STRONG ONE! Sending you and Bill Positive Vibes that he will be feeling better soon!

Love and Support to you ALL,


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Hi Peg,

God Bless you and Bill.

While it may be hard to imagine in your suffering, God is giving you a gift

A gift that only one who suffers so much with a person they love so much can know.

A gift whose very essence is founded in the pain you share. As if fueled by the pain your love for each other deepens into a dimension that only thoes who have shared such pain can feel.

My prayers are with you,


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