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I've said before I have few regrets about the things I've done and said in my life. I do, however, have regrets over things I didn't do or didn't say. Too often I've lost the chance to let folks know how much they, and the way they live their lives, have meant to me. The events of the last few days here have served, once again, to drive home the lesson that if I have something to say to someone, get it said. Maybe I learned it this time.



C2004 by Dean C. Shaffer

I sit tonight in shades of sorrow,

Sleep a comfort not to be.

Friends now gone I wish I’d known,

Much better than time did allow.

Words I would have spoke aloud,

Had the future been more clear.

Words in praise of courage deep,

Of spirit not to be denied.

But in silence each day passed,

Another chance forever gone.

Thinking that on morning’s sun,

Then would be the time to speak.

But morning swept by light of wing,

And afternoon did follow close.

Then so soon did evening fall,

And words gave way to quiet sleep.

And then one morning, fateful dawn,

A light now faded from this world.

In shock I heard the message there,

And knew I’d waited much too long,

Yes, time I thought I had to speak,

Words that welled from deep within.

Now words unspoken lay like stone,

And ears to hear them now are gone.

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Guest Laura

That was beautiful. One thing that I've learned is to DO. So often I get these great ideas, and now I DO them, not just forget them in a few days. If there is anything good to be said about cancer, it sure gives you a new perspective and appreciation for your loved ones and friends. I know that I am a much better person for these bitter-sweet experiences. It has been a joy getting to know you and others through your posts.

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Wonderful poem! I have had the same thoughts since my Mother and Father passed away and I DO try and tell people I love them every day. I NEVER end a conversation with my son or daughter without the last words being I love you. Those were the last words I said to my parents and the last words they said to me and they mean SOOOOOOOOOO much now.

God Bless,


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