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Demerol for pain.. anyone else?


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I have been reading some information about demerol and I was wondering if anyone else by any chance is taking demerol for pain control. I was given hydrocodone but it made me sick also the duragesic patch made me very ill, I ended up dehydrated and my back was wrenched from all the illness since then I was taking percocet but had to take 2 for it to effect the pain any then I was switched to demerol that seems to help my chest and back pain pretty well, I'm just worried about the possible side affects I also read it helps to restrain the cough and I do notice since I quit taking the demerol on a regular basis (one every 4 hours) that my cough has gotten worse. Lately I have been only taking it in the mornings after my kids are off to school and then again at night before bed and in between there I take motrin (800 mg) Any feedback on this would be great. The next step up would be morphine and I'm not sure I want to go that far. Thanks for all your support and information you all :-) I don't know who else to ask and I know a lot of you are going through the same stuff.


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my husband has had little luck with the patch or the hrdrocodone...he is now mixing them and will probably have the patch's strength increased this week...his throat and esophogus really hurt from radiation. they told him that he should not take the motrin 800 (he wanted that) but, everybody has such different treatments. I hope you feel better soon ...It has been so hard for my husband too. If you do find the medication that helps let me know. thinking of you!

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There is a pill called Mepergan. It is a Demerol/Phenergan combination drug. I have heard that the phenergan makes the demerol work a little better, but I would think it would also help one to not be sick. However, if you are taking something similar to phenergan, you might not be able to take it. You might ask your Dr. about this. I hope you get a solution that works for you.


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I take Darvocet - N when I need a pain pill. I had morphine when I was in the hospital last time and it did not work for me, all it did is cause constipation, lol.

You might ask about something to keep the nausea away while taking the other pain drugs??

I hope they can find something that works for you cause pain is NO FUN!!

God Bless,


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Have you tried oxycontin?It is time released and worked well for me until I developed the leg pain which I think was caused by pressure on a nerve.I took 40mg every 12 hours and it kept my pain at bay.I took Senna each time I took it for constipation.Might be worth a try.Praying for us all.TBone

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I take Vioxx 50 mg for pain ( arthritis, bone, muscle, ache type pain)

I take neurontin 900 mg/day for pain (nerve pain, pain from radiation fibrosis pulling /pressing on nerves)

I take MS time release 2 x 30 mg daily for the pain.

This is pain residual from having the 13# tumor removed from the top of my left lung, and five ribs, and collarbone, and goretex prosthetic chest wall.

I dont like it but it works. I get up and function.

Whatever it takes.



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I think pain meds affect everyone differently. I had morphone after hip surgery to pin my cancer weakened femur and it didn't work for me despite very large doses. The pain med of choice for me is generic Percoset. It worked wonders when I had intense bone pain after later courses of chemo.

Now I'm on large doses of IV vitamin C and I get significant pain at the tumor sites starting 6-8 hours after infusion for a day or so (twice a week). I take the Percoset and get along just fine. Sometimes I feel a bit "loopy" but the worse the pain is the less "loopy" I feel. If I couldn't control the pain I would be less inclined to take the very treatments I hope will succeed where chemo and radiation have failed.

I think everyone has to try the different pain meds to see what works for them and go with that.

Wishing pain-free for all of us,

Dave S

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Knew that I couldn't take demerol when I was diagnosed so was put on Oxycontin, 90 mg daily and hydrocodone for breakthrough every 4 hrs when needed. These worked real well for me as long as I kept the dosage up - it's easier to keep pain under control than get it under control - the mantra I lived by and took the oxycontin regardless. The senna also worked wonders for me. Good luck, there has to be a pill out there that will work for you.

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My husband has been on Oxycodone, hydrocodone and the patch but none alone have been working. What has worked for him unbelievably [at least for the last two days], is taking one-half the regular dosage of hydrocodone every four hours (together with the duragesic patch )~ So far this seems to alleviate most of his leg pain while keeping him relatively aware, awake and mobile! Of course, we're praying to see what tomorrow brings but these last two days has been the BEST in almost three weeks of being in bed from Neuropathy combined with a deterioration in lumbar spine.

Please pray for us tomorrow, if his platelets are acceptable he'll start CPT-11!~ Otherwise this will make three weeks without his treatment~...


Husband diagx. 12/03 w/SCLC Stage 4

Significant mets to spine/liver, ribs, femur

13 treatments of carbo/taxol; developed neuropathy

home almost 3 weeks in bed, can hardly walk

tomorrow starts CPT-11/Cisplatin

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