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CT results & more tests


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Got the results of last weeks CT scan yesterday. It was a chest/abodomen/pelvic scan and it looked clean!!! :D My gallbladder is imbedded in my liver evidently but the NP didn't seem too concerned about it at this time.

I will be having 2 more rounds of chemo though, 3 infusions each. I was a little disappointed to hear that. I'm not sure how much more thinning my hair can take & still look alright.

I'll also be having a CT of the brain because of some symptoms I've been having, like the blind spot (also have a consult with a opthamologist) and other things. She said it could be just chemo brain but they want to be sure, and since I haven't had a brain scan since my inital diagnosis, I'm kind of happy they are doing one.

So it was pretty much good news, although the jury is still out on the brain thing. I'm pretty sure I still have one, but we'll know for sure on Monday. :P:lol:

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So far great news. Praying that the eye problem is chemo, and temporary but am glad to hear that they are checking it out. Keep us posted. Donna G

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Hey Kat--

That sounds like pretty good news to me!

And they'll give you the insurance of two extra chemo rounds and a brain scan too? Covering all the bases, which I think is good.

And hair... is overrated. it grows back. First time in 25 years I had the nerve to have a short haircut, and it was GREAT. I just don't have the nerve to keep it cut short once it starts to grow..... :lol:

Again, couldn't happer to a nicer gal!



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Saw the opthamologist this week. He said based on my doing well on the visual field test he's almost 100% sure that there will be no tumors showing up on Monday's CT Scan.

He also said that my flashing light/blind spot is actually a disassociated migraine, which is basically a migraine without the pain. I'd never heard of that before but since being told about them by him I'm hearing a lot of people who either A) have them themselves or B) know someone who does. I guess if I have to have a migraine then a painless one is the way to go.

Started up the chemo again Friday. 1 down 5 to go.


Thank you all for all the support


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Kat, Here's hoping the opthamologist is right! I get the flashing light/aura no pain migrane. All I do is stop what I'm doing, lay down (maybe brew a cup of tea) and relax until it stops. Don't know what triggers it (though I've been told certain foods can) but I'm able to deal with it since I know it isn't a big deal.

Hope the chemo goes well for you.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Kat, in the spring of 2002 and again in 2003, I had the same symptoms. I had brain CTs both time not to mention the one after my LC dx. They all came out clean. I was told I most likely had atypical migraines. I think that the possibility of this type increases after age 50.

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9 months PRIOR to my NSCLC diagnosis I started having transient blind spots. They started in the center of my field of vision and gradually changed shape to a "boomerang" like shape and then slowly drifted out of my field of vision. Total duration always 30 to 45 minutes. I saw opthamologists and neurologists who ran many tests but found nothing.

I still have them occasionally but just ignore them. They pale by comparison to the other collateral damage I have accrued aloing the way. My guess is they were and are somehow the result of some component of blood chemistry which is out of whack. As I said I've never found a cause (after Brain CTs, MRIs, TEEs. EEGs and even a brain angiogram). At this point I have bigger fish to fry...

If youir symptoms are similar perhaps yours too will defy diagnosis. Just a thought.

Best Wishes,

Dave S

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Glad to hear the god news!!

As for the eye thing! I get this blind spot in the middle of the vision in my L eye. It then becomes a coma shaped 'thing' in the far L peripherial view. No pain, it last about 30 min. I have gotten them since 1991. More here lately then usual. I was told by an eye Dr in the ER they are optical migraines, sometimes they come with the headache. THANK goodness I have never had that part. Good to hear others have experienced this.


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Oh Please be clean, Please be clean~: That will be my prayer for YOU and for my own hubby for tomorrow!

I'll start praying first thing in the morning and go through the day since I don't know what time your test is~ [smile]....

Good Luck and congratulations on the clean screens! Oh What a Wonderful feeling that must be~~~



husband diag 12/3 w/SCLC, Stage 4

mets to liver, lungs, bones

13 carbo/taxol, neuropathy,

platelets low three weeks,

fourth started CPT-11~

platelets really low.....

Brain scan tomorrow too~

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I will pray you are empty-headed. Glad the other scans looked good. Haven't a clue what embedded gall bladder is, but if he doesn't care, who does--lol. I think of you often. Thanks for letting us know how you are.

Sorry more chemo is headed your way, and I hope you keep your hair.



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Brain scan came back negative.. my fears are confirmed.. my children have sucked all my brains & intelligence out of my head. :P

2nd chemo today 4 to go

They decided to stop the Cisplatin because of the increase is pain/tingling in my lower extremeties. That really only means missing one dose though, since I only have one more upcoming chemo that would have included the cisplat.

Thanks for all the prayers & kind thoughts. I'm sure it played a part :)

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