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Something special happened on Friday


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Something special happened on Friday.

I couldn’t decide of posting this or not but I decided that It was the most unbelievable thing that has happened to me and I should share it with you all.

Friday I had my last treatment of my first cycle of Taxoteire. Everything went well. It was a beautiful day out side with a few clouds. My wife always comes with me so she could drive me home. I felt pretty good when we got home but she was really tired so she went up stairs to lie down and I went out side in the back to sit on the deck. Now this is the part you may think I'm weird but I really don’t care what anyone thinks, I know what I know. As I was sitting there something brought me to look at the sky. As I did I saw the face of Christ appearing thru the mist of clouds as detailed as could be. His face was pushing thru a mist of clouds as if you would push your face thru a white sheet. The detail was sharp. I kept staring at this site and then it appeared as if he turned to me and smiled. Than another face appeared thru the clouds next to the face of Christ. It was a woman, the blessed mother, and she turned and looked at me and smiled. Right after that an image of a baby angle with the curly hair appeared thru the clouds looked down on me and smiled. It almost looked like Mt Rushmore. MY mouth was wide open in amazement. At this point I started praying of help and to be cured of this cancer. All of a sudden the largest of all images appeared it had to be GOD himself it was beautiful. I could see all the detail of his face. The lines in his face, his beard and mustache and he had flowing curly hair that was blowing back in the wind. This image was from the side of his face. Then I noticed he had his arms out. not to me but to the other images I could see his sleeves on his robe. He then turned to me and smiled. These images stayed for a while as I stared and prayed. At this time I didn’t know if I should get the camera or what I ran up stairs to tell me wife what happened to me. But she was out like a light. I came back down stairs and just sat on the couch thinking of what I just saw. When my wife woke up I explained to her what happened and she said the other day she asked GOD for a sign that everything is going to be OK. If anyone could understand this remember one thing explaining this experience in words does not scrape the ice burg of how it was in reality. But this will be something I will carry with me in my mind forever.

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That was beautiful! Could you feel how much you are loved? By the way your wife must be quite the prayer warrior. Thanks so much. You have made my day. Donna G

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I wish everyone could see what you saw and they might live their lives differently. I dont need to see it as I have a great faith. I would however love to see it. You are truley blessed. Thanks for sharing this. I wish my brother could see the same thing to make his faith stronger. God Bless you Ray and your family :D

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God granted you a beautiful vision. A friend of mine that fought a type of thyroid cancer had one in a dream. She danced with Jesus and felt his healing arms and a greater love than she said she could ever describe when he smiled at her. Within a few months she was cancer free and off to adopt her second daughter from China. (I guess you could say that two lives were healed in her situation.) I am so glad you shared your vision with everyone here. He who is beyond our intellectual comprehension and whose love is unfathomable to our human heart is truly in control. He may make himself known in the smile of another, a kind word from a friend, or He may just decide to part the clouds and smile himself. OOOH! I just got goosebumps.

Here's an applicable thought from a man God gifted with much wisdom:

"There are only two ways to live your life.

One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as if everything is."

Albert Einstein

German-born Theoretical Physicist

Wishing you day after day of miracle moments, Ray!

God bless~

Karen M.

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