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My friend Gerry


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Hi Everyone,

Sorry, haven't been answering much lately. Am still trying to heal (it is really hard). Have been reading the board though and trying to keep up with each and everyone of you. A lot of new members since Buddy passed on. Oh, when will this nightmare end for everyone and John Q. Public take notice of how many cases there are day after day, month after month of lung cancer.

A good friend that I worked with for 18 years before my retirement has found out that he has lc. I gave him this sight and told him he will find the best of everything here for here is where the knowledge and friendship lies.. Also told him to have his wife get on for she will need the education and love also from all of you.

I just finished talking to him and he has found out that he has at least two masses in the lung and 4 tumors in the brain. He will be going for gamma knife this coming week and he needs all of your prayers. Also his wife Angie will need a lot for all of us caregivers knows what is ahead for her too. I told him he must believe with all his heart that he can beat this for that is how all you survivors are still hear and kicking. One must fight and continue to fight in order to survive.

He has not logged on yet but I know when he does, he will find all you wonderful people to help him get through the rough times ahead.

I will do whatever he and his wife might need from me to help him also.

Love to all of you...miss each and everyone of you very much but always know I am not far away. I am hearing you....

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It was wonderful to hear from you, although it saddened me to read the reason for your post. You are always in my heart and I will be praying for your friend and his wife and waiting to welcome them when they have the time and inclination to check in. My best hugs to you.

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Dear Norme,

I'm so sorry to hear your friend Gerry has to journey this path. I also sorry to hear your feeling sad and down these days. I have no words that will make you feel better at this time. But, please know your always in my thoughts and prayers.

Much Love, Support, and Warm and Gentle Hugs,


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