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Hi everybody,

I went for my chemo yesterday and saw my oncologist.He agreed with the ER diagnosis of bronchitis causing me to cough up blood over the weekend.The blood is gone now,,thank God.He did put me on two weeks vacation from chemo so I could regroup and try to gain some weight.I started feeling a lot better when he told me that.Last week on chemo was hell.I think mainly because of the congestion and bronchitis though.Praying for us all.TBone

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Tbone - That news is like a breath of fresh air... sorry about the broncitus.. but I was worried it could have been something more serious... I am sure you are feeling great relief also... Enjoy your "break" from chemo and I am praying for you. Love, Sharon

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So GLAD to hear the blood was "normal"! Two weeks off - sounds like an imposed fishing vacation! Relax, walk down to the local fishin' hole and relax some more....if you forget to bait the hook, you MAY not have to do any work, just sleep on the bank...unless, of course, there's really dumb fish where you live that will bite an empty hook...

Keep on keepin' on!



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Well, Norme, I think we've got enough fish. ViVi's bunch went out on the same deep-sea fishing boat last week, and they caught 194 lbs. of fish. Add that to the 258 lbs. we caught the week before, and I think we can feed a bunch!

Still planning that party for TBone's b'day this weekend - but we WON'T be cooking fish, cause he's so terribly allergic (to eating them anyway). Y'all come!

Glad you posted, TBone . . . I haven't called so as not to wake you, but you know where I am if you need me.



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Glad to see you posting.

I hope you enjoy your two week vacation, complete with party....

Take some time to heal, at this stage the bronchitis can be really

h- e - doublehockeysticks (as my daughter Heidi likes to say).

I remember bronchitis really whupping my butt that winter....

Rest, eat, enjoy your family, sneak off to the fishing hole without even a pole -- a little pondside siesta sounds awful good from here.

Eat well!!

You are always in my prayers, Terry.



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So glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope the bronchitis subsides quickly so that you can enjoy your chemo break. I know when I was on Taxotere, I felt worse the more chemo I had. In fact, I was hospitalized after my 5th treatment with infection due to NO white blood cells.

Thanks for the update, and eat, eat, eat!!!!!


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