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Finally got the word.......


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Sandy....such great news always gives us hope and encouragement! I'm so happy for you that the word was "NEGATIVE"! I sincerely hope that your great news starts a similar trend for everyone else.....the snowball effect of positive news and results!

Doing a little happy dance for you here...cuz I don't want Betty to have to dance alone! :D

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Just when reading some of the problems that members of this board are facing and my anger was starting to reach another of it's highs at this damn disease, you come up and save the day. Great news now let's all work on those prayers so we can see more of that here :!:

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Awesome news girlfriend!! I'm sure everyone on the board is sooooo happy for you!!! Now you can go to the party in Mi. & celebrate. Or has that already gone by?? I didn't write it down so I don't remember.

Continued good luck to you & all the wonderful folks out there.


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