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Tim's Surgery


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Tim had his surgery today and thing didn't go quite as planned. He's OK, but they found that the tumor had wrapped around the vein to his heart, so they had to open his pericardium to be able to remove the tumor. He said they almost stopped the surgery a few times and gave up, but Tim is healthy and his heart is strong and they continued. The surgery took about six hours instead of three, but the doc says he got all the tumor. They had to remove one of the nerves to his vocal cords, so he will be hoarse, but small trade off. They did re-stage him to lllB, but so lucky they were allready doing the surgery. He will have follow up chemo, but I'm not sure what else.

He got to his room about 7:00 PM and by 9:00 he sitting up in a chair with a ginger ale watching a ballgame. Granted, he was nodding off, but his color was good and he wanted me to leave him his cell phone. Can't keep the guy down. Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers.


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Your Tim sounds like a strong person, actually you both sound strong as team. So glad to hear all went well and hopefully you both can get a break and relax now. We will be looking for even better reports as the healing continues! Way to go Tim! -Jack-

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Annie, it's good to hear Tim is sitting up with the ballgame, his phone, and the gingerale (his taste buds really taste beer). One of my more vivid memories is the amount of gingerale and orange sherbet I went through after my surgery. Keep us posted,

David P

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