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Prayers for Dad

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Hi Everyone,

Mom (Paddy) called to tell me that Dad was being admitted to the hospital today. I think it would have been early to mid afternoon Pacific time. I have not spoken to her, we were out so she had to leave a message. Dad has been having some difficulties (possible prostate related) and was experiencing a good deal of pain along with his short of breath issue which has been bothering him recently. His primary care doctor wants to do the thorocentisis(sp?) again to make him more comfortable and then figure out the other problem.

Please keep them both in your prayers. It has been an especially difficult week or so for them.

When I know more I will let you know.

Thank you for all the support you continually give.

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Hoping all goes well with your dad. I have had a thorencentesis (4 of them). They are not fun, but don't take long and they will give him a local anesthetic for the pain. It will make him more comfortable. Hoping this is only a short stay and he is back at home to enjoy the long weekend!


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This is really strange..........this afternoon I was thinking of your mother. For some reason she was on my mind. I even went so far as to pull up her profile to send her a PM. One of the kids came in and interrupted and I never got to send it. Please let your Mom and Dad know that they are in my thoughts and prayers.(as well as you, Karen)


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Paddy Here,

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Karen , My Sweet daughter, says I have to correct her post, so here goes.

I took David in to the ER this morning because his breathing was getting worse and he had stomach problems. Poor Dear couldn't sleep and has been terribly restless.

I contacted our primary physician as we had been to him about the breathing and Dave's bladder problem yesterday. At which time they xrayed the lung.

Today they told us that the lung is full of fluid and they are going to do a thorocentesis, (his third,) tomorrow. They also found out that there "may or may not be" something going on in the colon, so on Sunday they will be doing a colonoscopy .

The doctors at the ER wanted to keep him in hospital tonight, however our Doc. wangled it so that he could come home and then go in again tomorrow morning . Dave was happy about that as he cannot stand hospital beds because he is so tall and he can never get comfortable! Now I have to battle to get him to eat and drink which he has been refusing to do because he gets so much pressure in his stomach.

I hate this disease and I can't stand seeing my husband, (and so many other Dear people,) go through this, (excuse me,) "Hell". He is such honey of a man and was always been the strong one and my protector. Oh well, one day at a time they say!

Love to you all,


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Oh, Karen and Paddy. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! I so much don't want to hear this. Those are strong words for me, so take them to understand how strongly I feel about David having these problems.

(By the way Paddy, I didn't know Karen was your daughter. It's probably been on all of her posts and I am so unosbservant that I missed it.)

Karen, your mom and I PM regularly, and I have tried to keep up with your dad's progress. I know the last couple of months have been really hard, and I am so sorry you had this scare today. I'll be praying that your dad will feel much better after the fluid is drained, as he has in the past, and I will also pray that there are no serious colon problems. Please stay calm, hug each other often and be strong for each other (and of course for your dad).

All my love,


P.S. Paddy, write as soon as you can.

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Paddy and Karen,

This disease just manifests itself in so many crappe ways. It is almost like 'where is waldo'.

I am so glad that they let David come home, tall or not, your own bed is the best place to be.

Paddy, please know that I am thinking of you this night and hoping that whatever David's problems are, they are quickly taken care of tomorrow.

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Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers.

I just wanted to let you know that we have not been able to have the thorocentecis done as David's blood was not coagulated enough. He takes coumadin and so they have to wait until it gets to a certain degree of coagulation before they can do the proceedure. So, in the meantime he battles on with the breathing.

His stomach trouble seems to be improving and I did mangage to get him to eat a small dinner tonight. He is also drinking again, so your prayers are obviously working.

The doctor now want to do the colonoscopy on Tuesday. I am worried about putting Dave through it because he seems so weak. That "Yucky stuff" ,(which is erroneously called "Go-lightly", and the young nurse who gave it to me today, calls "Go-heavily",) can really drain a person,(no pun intended.) If he is still feeling like this in a couple of days I may ask them to postpone it for a while.

I will update this post tomorrow evening and lets hope he will have had the thorocentisis by then.

Love and prayers to all,


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Thanks Dear Friends.

David had his thorocentecis, (sp?) this morning at about 11.30am. He said it wasn't too bad but worse than the last two. They took off 2 1/4 of those bottles which I think are "litre" size. He is very weak so our doctor has agreed that we leave the colonoscopy until he is feeling stronger.

Thank you for all your prayers, please keep them coming.

Lots of love Paddy.

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Thank God he got it done today! I know you said he's weak, but has it helped his breathing? Also, did he get to come home, or did they keep him? I'm also glad the doctor agreed to wait a while before doing the colonoscopy. I think that was a very wise decision you made.

Write soon,



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