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2 Doctors that agree


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We just got back from a follow up visit with Earl's radiation oncologist. We are not sure why we needed the appt. We had to take his latest MRI and his latest CT scan.

His MRI had been read 2 weeks ago - he is empty headed.

His CT scan had been read last week - he is empty chested.

But this doctor concurred.

Really, it is always wonderful to get good news. I also like that another doctor is reading the films - just another perspective.

However, his nurse told us that they are so BUSY they can't believe it. They have extended the hours in the radiation clinic at Fox Chase to accommodate all these new patients. Granted this is for all cancers, but this is scary news. She also said that 15% of their LC patients have no relationship to smoking.

Praying for good news for all.

P.S. Earl is driving himself to one of his customers tomorrow, first time to see a customer in 10 months. He would not do this is not ready, he is a cautious man.

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Guest DaveG


Great news Old Friend. Good to see Earl is getting out again. Wish I could go back to work, but no one wants an old Fa** with lung cancer that has to go for treatments every three weeks, and blood work once a week. Besides that they would have to give me too much time off for golf.

Tell Earl to keep the car between the ditches and on his side of the center line. :D:D:D

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I love and appreciate all of your responses to my posts.

'Duke of' did drive to the customer's today (they are a good hour's drive away). When I asked how it went Mr. Funny said "Not bad, only forced one 18 wheeler off the road" HaHa

He has his 2nd taxotere treatment on Monday so we expect a short term dip in how he feels. But this dip is well worth the price.

I agree that every post to Good News is potentially good for all of us. Every day new and different treatments are being researched and tested. And each Good News can help the stats which may make some of these crepe hanger drs. become more optimistic.

My sister had a major heart attack 13 months ago. Her primary says, oh you have a seriously damaged heart. Her cariologist says Yep you had a heart attack but I see no reason you won't live long enough to really drive your children crazy.


Which doctor is helping her live longer? (Hint - happy endorphins)

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