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They're GIVING them to our walk!!!!!!!


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Oh man you guys - I submitted the form to Lance Armstrong's Livestrong website weeks ago to get some Livestrong yellow braclets ($1.00 a piece.) I was asking for 200 of 'em. I just got the following email today:

"Dear Sandy,

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your request for Live Strong wrist bands have been approved. We have selected your event from a competitive pool of applicants, and we are confident that your organization will have a positive impact on the survivorship community. On behalf of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, we wish you the best for your event and hope that it exceeds all expectations.

Your wristbands have been shipped via USPS ground and will arrive in 2-3 weeks.

In return for the wristbands, we request that you submit a photo of your group to our website at www.laf.org or via mail.

Thank you for your support and work in this area!


Partners in Yellow Committee"

Oh man - I'm literally crying tears of joy! I had to tell them the walk was for Lung Cancer, and I figured they'd reject us!

Oh crap - I'd better email Renee or she'll never forgive me.....


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Hi Sandy,

I know this is a late reply but I have been out of town. I returned home to find an envelope from someone I barely know with a yellow Livestrong wristband in there for me. He is a running companion of a dear friend & prostate cancer surviver. I wear it all the time.

Good job on your part Sandy getting wristbands for your walk. I wish I was feeling better to have organized something here in Ketchikan. Very small town though. Good luck & best wishes.


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