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It is soooo good to be back!!!!!

Angie Daughter of Bill

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Well, it's been about two weeks since I have been able to get online. My computer has been at Best Buy for two weeks. (Had to deal with "I bought the extended warranty"....."it's not covered" blah, blah, blah!!! :roll: ) I have missed you all soooooo much. I knew that I loved all of you to pieces, but I never realized how much I rely on all of you!!

As TeeTaa has probably informed you all, Dad's CT scan showed stable disease in his lungs. He is having a heck of a time with back pain though. He has been taking Lortab pretty much around the clock. The Lortab helps with the pain. I am trying to get Dad to have a bone scan so that we can see exactly what we are dealing with. I'm sure that it is one of his spinal mets that is causing the problem. Bottom line........I think Dad is scared of what we will find out. Soooooo, he goes to the doctor and says the pain isn't "that bad". :roll: It is really stressing me out. I'm so afraid that he is going to wait too long and get a compression fracture or something like that. He acts fine around everyone except me. At least he feels comfortable enough to tell me the truth. I have backed off of asking him to get a bone scan. It's his choice. I realize that, but it's hard to sit back and watch him hurt. :cry:

To all of you who sent me a PM or e-mail, I appreciate it GREATLY!!! TeeTaa, you have been a God send to me. I appreciate all the phone calls. I have to tell you all..........I called TeeTaa this afternoon needing to talk. (I've had a bad day) TeeTaa got my message but had no reception where she was going. So, she appointed another Georgia sister to call and check on me. How sweet is that??? (Thanks for the call Vivi!!) The love and kindness shown on this board absolutely amazes me!! So glad to be back!!! Love to all!!!

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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Welcome back Angie. I love to see the picture of your beautiful family up on the board! Aren't TBones family wonderful!

Your Dad sounds like my David. Lately I had noticed that he keeps sitting forward with his elbows on his knees. I asked him if he was in pain and he answered in the negative all the time, just saying he was "stiff". He confessed to my daughter today that it is because he has pain in his chest. It is quite exasperating but I suppose they are trying to save us from worry when they do this. Dave has also said that often "he doesn't know how to describe what he is feeling!"

I hope tomorrow is a good day for you and your Dad and family. Love Paddy

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I am just so glad that you are back, you were truly missed. Isn't it amazing how 'family' we become.

Hope your Dad is just have some arthritis pain, it does come with aging. And I guess the good news is that every ache and pain is not cancer.

If my computer breaks for 2 weeks, do you think I can get my housework done????

Glad you're back.

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So glad you're back! I talked to ViVi late last night (she called to inform me that she indeed followed my orders to call you!) She told me that you said she sounds much more Southern than me . . . I guess those two years I spent in Denver back in 91-93 did a number on me! Can I come over there to Alabama to work on getting my Southern accent back? :lol:

I'll call you a little later today. Sure hope the morning has brought you better spirits and less pain for your Dad.

Praying for us all,


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So glad you are back. We have really missed you. How about those Tbone sisters? Aren't they great? I hope your dad's pain lessens soon and if not that he agrees to a bone scan. Maybe radiation could ease the pain and stop it in its tracks. I would go nuts without my puter for 2 weeks. Glad you finally got it fixed.


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Angie, glad to see you and thank you for all your kindness. You are another angel (beside the Tennessee Angel).

Your dad probably will poo-poo this but I found yoga helpful with back problems. There's a yoga especially for us older folk with bad backs. Maybe you could rent it. It's by Sean Corn (woman) called Vinyasa FLOW Yoga. All the positions in yoga have names and the one called Downward Facing Dog (giggle) really helps the pain by gently stretching back.

If he doesn't want to try yoga, tell him you got the DVD so he could watch Sean Corn who is gorgeous. Makes me envious, especially her long curly hair.


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