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Update of kitkathi's pops


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Hi All,

Dad had the fluid successfully drained from around his heart. The problem was that after the procedure (severals hours later while he was snoozing) his heart stopped twice. He said they ran into the room because the heart monitor was going crazy. He was laughing when he told me because they disturbed his dream. So apparently he will be having a pacemaker put in tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. I sure wish I was there right now. But even if I took the next flight out, I wouldn't get there until tomorrow at 4:30 pm (central time) well after the procedure. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of flights to Minot, North Dakota. So I'm asking for some prayers now. He told me he was a little nervous. He wasn't even going to tell me but he did because he knows my brother can't (won't) keep a secret. He also said that he didn't want to get "chewed" out by me. So if any of you have any spare prayers available send them out to my "pops".


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Hi All,,

Pops is out of surgery. He did just fiine. I talked to him a little while ago and he said that even though he is sore, he feels better already e.g. breathing a lot better. The doctors said he still wasn't getting quite enough oxygen so they have in on a low flow of oxygen for now. Hopefully that will clear up or do better since he has a pacemaker. I really believe that his recovery (energy level) was tough because of the heart problem. I hope he regains some strength back soon. I'm going home for the holidays and he needs to be ready for some power shopping (yes, my dad typically does all the b'day, x-mas, easter gifts--my mom isn't a shopper). My mom said she hopes my dads energy level goes up because she is tired of picking up the dog poop. Thanks for all your prayers. I know he got them and will continue to. Ya'll are the best!!


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