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Kudos, Kudos, Kudos, and then some more Kudos


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Congratulations to Heather for an unbelievably successful 1st annual Walk/Run to benefit Lung Cancer. The turn out was tremendous, the weather was exactly what Heather ordered, the comraderie was inspiring.

I met Gail, and Ray, and Rosymac, and Harn up close and personal. Wow, it really does feel like you know them for a long time.

You can tell that Heather and her wonderful husband Brad did mucho work to pull this off. Many sponsors, many prizes, a radio station etc. etc.

Thank you Heather. May we all now get motivated to get the message out.

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The walk was great, and it was so nice to meet you all, just wish I had more time I could have stood around and talked all day. Your all so wonderful.

I am glad Fred was able to do the walk and have a nice day, he was a bit tired after (but so was I) :oops:

I believe they announced that $25,000 was raised, that is phenomenal for a 1st lung cancer walk. :D Congrats Heather.

I think we should all get together again and have a North Eastern Bash :idea:


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They beat me to it!!! I went shopping on the way home. :lol:

It was a wonderfu., windy day, and I am looking forward to next year. Heather did such an amazing job and I was proud to be a representative of our group. Next year I will get much fancier, but most of the www.lchelp.com pins got taken.

Pictures are coming, as soon as my husband gets home and shows me which cord it is!


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