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My mom made it 1 year


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Today is my mom's 1 year anniversary. Just wanted to share the mass e-mail I sent out today in honor of it :)

Dear Family and Friends,

Time sure flies! Today marks the ONE YEAR anniversay from the date of my mom's diagnosis!!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your thoughts and prayers this past year!! It has meant so much to all of us, words just cannot describe it. I am truly blessed to have learned just how much we are cared about. The outpouring of love throughout the past year, oh my goodness. I get the chills when I think about it.

I thank g-d, knock on wood, that 1 year later, my mother looks stunningly beautiful and stylish as usual and we spent the day today doing what we love the best--our usual normal 5 week routine--Jose Eber and Nordstroms (IMPORANT NOTE: HALF YEARLY NORDSTROMS SALE IN PROGRESS. HURRY!!! And for those of who you are in search of a comfortable brand of shoes that are also stylish, my mom and I highly recommend Munro shoes at Nordstroms. We also recommend the Nordstroms cafe for lunch. They have delicious food and if you want a treat, skip lunch for the BEST chocolate cake in the world).

The memories of last year are haunting, I remember clearly the painful phone calls to NY, the phone calls to my mom's friends from her office here, and the inability to speak to anyone who called me for close to a month. I remember filling up my car with gas and driving away with the hose still attached (apparently it is very common, they make a safety shut off switch just for such stupid acts!). I also vidly remember taking my mom one last time for her hair before chemo started and how strange people thought it was that she needed a cut and color before chemo just ripped it out :) But, that is what we like to do :) I remember her holding my hand as we walked into the mall and crying that this is what she will miss the most.

Sure there were some reminders today of the past year--the handicap parking tag; the walking slower; the lingering fatigue and inability to carry heavy shopping bags; less hair on her head, etc. But today there were no tears and she only held my hand b/c I am warmer than she is ;) We now live a new normal where my mom needs to rest a lot and we visit the oncologist often, but I can call her and play with her whenever I want.

We are by no means out of the woods. I could go on with the statistics of recurrance and share all of my fears and neurosis, but if I did share all of my inner secrets and thoughts with everyone, Brian and Dr. Bobby may start to feel replaced and I would hate to do that to them ;) Plus, this is not like the good old days where comitting me to Bellvue would get you $50, so what is the point ;) Heehee.

I will be requesting a GUESS alert and prayers shortly that nothing lights up on her upocming scans (after all, Jews dont have Christmas lights) as I believe scans will be taking place again in December :)

Love, Hugs, Kisses, and Cancer Cure Wishes,

Buddy's sister Andrea (we love Buddy--my parents new rescue doggie)

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May this be only the first on many anniversaries and many, many Nordstrom semi-annual sales.

How our priorities change. It is a shame that this bad news can sometimes improve our eyesight and allow us to see what is important - the love and caring of friends and family.

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This is a litlte eerie, I just got an e-mail from my mom's boss who is a sweetheart. The mom of another employee just got diagnosed Stage III last week and she wanted the name of this website.

It is almost eerie b/c it is like a yearly thing for that office now, a tradition which MUST be broken :)

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What a wonderful time to celebrate! Your post made my day. I just saw it!! It occurs to me that Bob will be having one of these to mark very soon, in January. It sure is a new normal, but life is good.

May you have many more of these anniveraries to celebrate.

Hope we can be of some support if the new person posts !



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Congratulations. I know how great it feels. My 53 year old mom is reaching that milestone in about 3 weeks!!! And to think, it was about a year ago that the oncologist sat us down and siad there was little to be done and she doubted 9 months was possible!!

I hope one day you are celebrating her 20th anniversary.

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Happy One Year Anniversary MOM!!!!

Andrea, your wonderful little story about mom was very touching. I have NO DOUBT she is one very proud mother! Your a GEM of a daughter!


Also, I'm very sorry to hear about the other employee that was dx.d with LC. Hope they will take a minute to find us so we can help them along this journey.

Love to you and Mom,


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Andrea, YEA on your mom's annual tradition of celebrating good health with you at Nordstrom (this shall be the first of many years!), and NAY on the tradition of someone at her office being diagnosed. I do hope they will find us and get some support here. Give your mom a big hug and way-to-go from me!


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