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To Dr. Joe:


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I also sent Dr. Joe a PM and sincerely hope that he reconsiders and stays with us. Although I haven't had the need to ask him a question, it has given me great peace of mind to know that he was here if needed. And I know how much he has helped so many. Whether you come back or not, Dr. Joe, thank you for all your time and the compassion and kindness that you have shown us. Your a very special man!

Gail P-M

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Dr Joe-I know from past experience there are a few on here that say things out of anger. I have been a nurse for 20 yrs and experienced mainly ER and ICU. I get lots of questions about the oncology part and I am at a lost. They get mad, like I was ignoring them.

I have had to just realize that they-like me-are fighting for their lives and NEED to hear what they want to hear.

Please come back, you have invaluable info!


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Dr. Joe,

Due to our changed situation at home with Steve's vision loss, I have only been able to get online rarely and for just a few minutes, but I had to reply to this. I am heartbroken over your departure. When Steve's vision so suddenly deteriorated, you were very quick to reply with a possibility that no one had thought about. Thank God Steve did not have that, but let me tell you that you made a top group of oncologists sit up and take notice. They thought he fit the profile too. They took it so seriously that this is what happened:

I talked to the oncology center emergency line at 7 p.m. The doctor had pulled his file and was conferencing before the office opened the next day. Even though the hospital which carries our insurance had a broken MRI, they sent Steve to a private center by 1 p.m. the same day. That would never have happened if they thought your concern was baseless.

The point is that even though Steve did not have that particular condition, if he had, it could have taken his life. Some other person who might have that condition might be lost if they don't have the benefit of someone like you thinking "outside the box."

Please know that you make a huge difference in people's lives. Thank you for having the heart which brought you here in the first place.

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Dr. Joe:

I have to chime in with everything that everybody else has said. I truly hate to see you leave, but understand as well. I hope you will reconsider. You have been the person that I have relied on to clarify the things that my mother's onc. does not.

You are a truly gifted, compassionate person and if you decide not to return, just know how very thankful that I am that you gave us the time that you did.

All the best to you and your family,


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I took a break from the site due to side effects from chemotherapy and come back to find you gone. I've read every one of your posts and have learned so much, so many of the questions I had floating around in my head you have answered for someone else on this board.

I hope you will reconsider and come back, you are so appreciated here and needed by us all.


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Dr. Joe,

I think I have mentioned before how lucky I thought we were to have a doctor giving his precious spare time to us. I am sorry you were made to feel unwelcome but as you can see the people on this board really appreciate you and I hope you will reconsider and come back after a taking a break.


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Hi Dr. Joe,

Lately there have been some questions that have come up and I know that you would have had just the right responses to help out.

Not only do I miss your expertise, but also your heartfelt responses.

Take care of yourself and your beautiful family. And please come back to us when you are ready.

With gratitude,

Cindi o'h

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