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The Bar is OPEN

cindi o'h

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Back by popular demand..

The bar is setting up for Super Bowl Party tonight.

Big screen TV's are going in all around. The picture and contrast will be spectacular.

There will be a free round for everyone when your team scores a TD. Ice cold beer will be sloshing from heavy chilled mugs, sweaty with a one inch froth.

There will be a buffet of spicy and bbq wings. Celery stix, ranch and bleu cheese dressing. Jalapeno poppers. Pizza...hot and cheesy and lightly browned. Meatballs. veggie stix. Hot crispy french fries and onion rings. quesadillas. chips and spicey chunky salsa. Guacamole. Full menu including steak, chicken, shrimp, pasta, vegetarian, table side service...

What else do I need to think of to get this party started??

Bring your pads for your butt...there will be lots of fanny slapping tonight!!

Cindi o'h

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Ummm, since it's virtual food and there's no calories, can ya drop in some Double Stuf Oreos and pitchers of ice cold milk...and triple layer chocolate cake with fudge frosting...MMMmmmmmmMM...and a handful of Snickers bars....

..and after I have my chocolate fix, GAME ON! :wink:

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It all sounds sooooooo good to me. GO BIRDS!!!!!!!BEAT THE PATS

Philadelphia is soooo into this game. To watch tv here is sooo funny.

People are just going crazy. So many people went to Jacksonville just to

party and they had no tickets.

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Don't like football but love the food. Cigarette and and Ice House, yeah baby! Can't wait to get off this heart med and have a beer! Always want what you can't have, like......oh........a..........CIGARETTE!

Oh well, in another life or dream, I'm running through a field with a cigarette, a beer and lots of food! Oh yeah, with long blonde hair :lol: .

Someone drink some beers for me or some whiskey sours or Mai Tai, something strong and fruity with two cherries!

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The good thing about not being all that into football....is that I really didn't much give a rip who won! My son loves the Cowboys....so if they aren't playing....I don't much care except for the food and company.....which was great!

In other words, I was able to have my Cocoa Puffs this morning WITHOUT the vodka! :wink:

And hey....like the commercial said, now ALL the teams are "undefeated"!! 8)

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