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3/4/05 5's


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1. My son came down and helped me get stuff out that was too high or too heavy for me.

2. Used office furniture people finally showed up to take the furniture.

3. My new laptop was delivered.

4. White chocolate chip, macadamia nut cookies

5. Spots of grass peeking through the snow.

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Andrea - clomid isn't that expensive! wait until you buy the injectible drugs!



1. Dave didn't need oxycontin today

2. It's Friday

3. Faith's class (the Moms) are sending dinner home with us tonight

4. I didn't cry any today (OK, not much)

5. A pretty little chinese girl rode in the back seat of my car this morning and smiled alot

(sorry, this was lame)


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OK, Andrea, Uncle.

except . . . can't you convince the ins. co. that the visits are medically necessary even if the drug isn't? I actually think I convinced them that both were . . .

but, we're hijacking the thread. so, another time for that discussion!

Becky - how are you getting a three day weekend? I want one!


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I am thankful for the three-day weekend, but I am not thankful for the pay of being cut to a half-time employee from a full-time one. I work 2.5 days per week - and the ONLY time it hurts my feelings is payday (which happens to be today). Sure would like to break out and do some "retail therapy" - c'mon, Andrea, let's go SHOE SHOPPING! (At least my darn foot size is in the single digits!)

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1. Red lobster dinner

2. Predisone represcribed (Ok I know no one likes this stuff....but my breathing is BETTER!)

3. House to myself tonight

4. High praises received today from a business associate

5. Son called to say he loves me :P

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1. It's Friday

2. Have a great weekend ahead with some fun stuff planned

3. just did a supervisor survey at work and realized again what a great boss I have.

4. I have an awesome husband

5. No one was injured in my house today- even though my 4 year old knocked over the top part of the hutch in our dining room!

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1. My sister and the close relationship God has given us.

2. For having a warm, dry place to live in all this rain.

3. Three awesome boys!

4. That at least one car is working.

5. ginny who started this post. I was having a really bad day and this made me stop and think. :)

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