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Five for 3/8


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1. Amazing Race is on (yes, copy cat)

2. My boss is not in today

3. Someone placed on of those cool roll on white out thingys on my desk--i needed a new one

4. My apt is being cleaned today

5. The exterminator should have come, ants were crawling from all the rain

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1: was able to shovel all the snow.

2: even in the storm the driving was good, hardly any cars out.

3: shopping was very good, not many people.

4: got all the books I wanted for the month.

5: no waiting line at the bank.


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Made it thru the day without killing my boss!

Hubby will be home soon - horrible snow/ice 25 mile drive. He left at 4:30!

My friend is making progress in clearing her Mom's apt. out despite many setbacks.

My Doggie, Daggie, had fun in the snow and 40 mph wind (he is lab, but I think, mostly husky - he belongs in ALASKA.

My bathroom renovation is starting to look good! What a difference.

And one more -

All you guys!


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1) "MANDATORY" meetings all day and more tomorrow, no real work being done (hehehe)

2) BIG sale starting tomorrow and I can get there early because it's my half-day

3) Rebate checks for my new computer are starting to roll in

4) Husband who cooks

5) Val had her baby and gets more time with her husband - very thankful for a healthy baby and the added bonus of "Dad Time"

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Today I am thankful:

1. For our radiation oncologist who, combined with my crazy husband, always make me laugh at our visits, and also makes us feel good about bad results. (Hmmm. How does he do that?)

2. That the radiologist didn't make a mistake AGAIN. Since I'm not very good at confrontation, I'm thankful I didn't have hurt him. LOL!

3. That my husband is sooooo happy that he can ride his motorcycle this spring.

4. God's love.

5. That my boss didn't yell because of a mistake I made today. :)



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1. My daughter Kelly let me sleep in a extra hour and got Katie off to


2. Kevin and Katie both had there yearly check up yesterday and both

are very healthy.

3. For Josh my son Keiths best friend who is so sweet. He is going to

Texas to attend a wedding and called Keith last night to see what

I like because he wanted to bring me back a gift.

4. My aunt Phyllis who has always been very supportive of me.

5. Washer & dryer

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1. Got out of work at 2:00 due to the storm, but got paid till 5:00.

2. Made it home safely in the storm (white knuckled it all the way)

3. The entire family is home and safe

4. My zit on my face is getting smaller (VERY IMPORTANT TO ME!!!)

5. My dear friends on LC Help.

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