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Nothing to Drain... It went Poof! ..up in smoke!

cindi o'h

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Aye yae yae..

where do I start?

Went to get the effusion drained. The radiologist could not find it on the ultrasound. Jumped into the CT scanner. And it didn't show there either.

So. No poking! No thoracentesis! No tap, nothing!

So that was it. I guess all of your energy saved me from this!

Now. Do ya think you can send some more of those vibes, prayers and all my way one more time so that I can FEEL better?

The seasoned radiologist will consult with my pulmonologist to see if they can find out what is going on with me. I am still so very SOB. He thought that maybe I had pneumonia from the Flu that I got late January. It really knocked me on my duppa (as Frank says).

Anyway, long story short...No cancerous effusion! No effusion, period. It has resolved on its own in 15 days. I have a history of these things coming and going.

I feel somewhat disappointed because I thought the effusion was contributing to my SOB and I was hoping for that quick fix. I was hoping that I would be waltzing my way out of the day hospital. Instead, I huffed and puffed and trodded along.

So. Back to the drawing board. I will see the pulmonologist again next week.

Thanks again for all of your prayers. You guys are the best!

love, Cindi

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Hi Cindi,

Well, I'm not going to say good news, because it's not good if you still can't breathe. I am glad you didn't have any pleural effusions, but I sure do wish they could have kept you and come up with a solution while you were already geared up to get fixed up.

I know you're feeling miserable and your cheerful posts are more than likely a subterfuge to keep us from worrying. It won't work with me. I'm worried and want you to get some relief. I had only a very, short, minor episode with having difficulty breathing about a year and a half ago with severe bronchitis, and it really scared me, so I know you have got to be upset that you can't get any answers until next week.

Wish there was something I could do to help. Sending hugs and prayers, but am frustrated because I wish I could DO something for you!



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Musta been all those tropical drinks that did the deed, eh? :wink: Whatever....I'm glad there is no need for some draining procedure to take care of it.

Now...about the SOB....I have to assume bloodwork's been done...so how are your HGB and HCT. I was told that my HGB being low meant I wasn't getting as much oxygen. I've never had any SOB until recently...when going up and down the stair or simply leaning over to wipe eight wet doggy paws made me feel like I'd just run a half mile!

I'm sure there are other reasons to account for this...but I'm still learning as I go, cuz like I said, I've never had any breathing issues until recently.

Sure hope they can nail this down and get you feeling a bit spunkier. I'll tell you this much....having started chemo yesterday again, the Decadron did wonders for my energy level, which therefore has improved my mood. I have three more days to ride this steroid "high"...and even my appetite is better already. Might some low dose steroid be a possibility for you?

Heaping many good vibes your way, Cin....and hoping the news continues to be good and productive! Keep us informed.

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Right on Cindi, no pleural effusion. Same thing happened to me last month, but I only experience mild SOB. Asked the Docs about it yesterday and they mentioned what Addie referred to that the HGB was low resulting in the blood not carrying sufficient oxygen. Said it should subside as blood condition improves and advised me to walk as much as possible to build up strength and improve blood circulation. Anyway, keep after them as I'm sure you will till you get some results. Hang tough girl and pour me another. Take care and God Bless.


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That's pretty cool--is there anything else you can perform disappearing acts on??? !!

Sorry about the SOB--lol and any other SOBs you may need sorrys for, lol.

When they did the O2 test, did your sats drop below 90? Mine did not, and I was told that my SOB is more than likely a combination of factors--overweight, out of shape (indicated by my pulse rate rising to 140) and only slightly by my emphysema. Now, of course, I don't believe half of what my dumb Drs tell me, but that's what they told me.

Didn't they do CT scan--and wouldn't that tell if there was pnemonia? Makes no sense, but hey what does!?

love and fortitude


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Hooray! Nothing like getting you all stressed out for a procedure and then going to find out you don't need it! That is great that your effusion resolved on it's own. I agree with Elaine, wouldn't pneumonia show up on the ct??

Glad you didn't have to go through the procedure. Hoping they find the cause of the SOB soon so we can see you "doin a jig" on the pub table!


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Hi Cindi,

So glad to hear your good news. So sad you are still so SOB. I hope they find the cause & get rid of it soon! Kind of hard to do a good solid shot of something stiff to celebrate all of the good news we're getting lately when you can't freaking breath!

Well, I guess if it comes down to it, I could be persuaded to assist in celebratory consumption to help you out here! I'm breathing pretty well these days. I'm still having a problem figuring out the pub timing & how long it takes to get from my house to yours in a power chair! They say my battery pack is good for 36 hours.

Hugs & Prayers,


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