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Five for 3/24


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1. I have come to peace with the da-- squirrels eating my bird seed

2. My Woman's Club luncheon is having more attendees than ever

3. I sang in the kitchen this a.m. - another sign of healing

4. Packing is moving along - slowly but forward

5. That we continue to review our blessings here

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Here goes with my first shot at my '5'

1: More than 3yrs from dx I am still waking up in the morning.

2: My daughter has found the love of her life.

3: When I deliver meals on wheels today I will be thankful that I don't need them delivered to me.

4: Very good health insurance which covers my Lovenox every day.

5: My husband - a rabid non smoker - who has never said "I told you so"

There, that wasn't so hard.......I think I'll try this again

Happy day everyone


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1.) phone call from Montana Mom this morning who is vacationing with all of her retired pals in Arizona.

2.) Montana Mom decided she would buy me a plane ticket for my 50th birthday next month.

3.) I get to choose to use the ticket to go to Hawaii or go to see MM in Helena.

4.) decided to see MM..that was easy...(she is so much FUN!)

5.) the boys and their beer and booze..they are so cute! And Ginny's delusion that she has made peace with the damn squirrels! Makes me laugh...every bit of it.

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