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Mrs manny finally has an answer

Guest Mrsmanny

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Guest Mrsmanny


even though it was ruled out twice..today we got a DEFINITE answer...manny starts treatment tonight!

I am at work right now and will update later.

Like I have said before, there was a reason LC came to our attention. My husband and I plan on having several benefits to raise money for LC research, as we organize large scale events. (I'll get into more detail later)...

I can't thank you guys enough!

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Mrs. Manny ...WOOOO HOOOOO !! I don't know how to do the big big print or the colors thing...!!! But, I would have put it big big big and colorful if I could. You two must have mixed emotions right now.. But, I cannot tell you how happy I feel that #1 it is NOT lung cancer and #2 that you have an answer so that you can make a plan and move forward!!

I know that TB is still a serious illness..it is more treatable as far as I know than lung cancer. I would sure like to help celebrate this news with you! Give your love to your good, good family and to Manny and his.. All the best to you, of course. And I hope that you will continue to come to give us updates on how Manny is doing..

thank you so much for posting. Bless you two forever.

love, Cindi o'h

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Oh I am so happy for you both. Now isn't it bizarre to be saying you are happy someone has TB? I hope he gets his health back soon and feels better. All the very best to you both..

What a relief this must be...go and celebrate as soon as he's up to it.

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Wonderful news.....................Mrs. Manny we thank you for the upbeat news. All the best to you hubster.

His DJ skills will be appreciated as we all hold hands under the big glittery ball and do the happy dance.

Much love to you and your family and all glory to God.

Pat and Brian

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HOORAY FOR TB!!!! (Wow...doesn't that sound strange!!)

I'm sooo happy you finally have an answer - it's so much easier to kick booty when ya know what booty your kickin'!! :wink:

Now tell that hubby of yours to get better, and HAVE A GREAT LIFE!!! :D

BEST Regards,


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Guest Mrsmanny


thanks so much guys!!!!!!!!

You know you're at a lung cancer website when....

they congratulate you for having TB. :) That was pretty funny! Thanks guys! :D

Well...I've said from the beginning...there's a reason I found you.

We've all seen the stats....(even through the first thing we tell the newbies is "don't look at the stats") and the one that pained me the most is the amount of money spent on LC research. And how it PALES in comparison to other C's. I mean it just down right does not come close to the amount spent on Breast or Prostate.

We plan to throw a benefit party for LC research or two or as many as we can once my hubby feels up to it. From the moment I got on this board, I felt so connected, and being so young, it just didn't make any sense.

I'm rambling, anyways....

I can't wait to start planning the fundraiser...I've already got so many ideas...most of the participants will be under age 30! This should bring awareness at the very least to our community (Dance music and DJ community) about LC. I have so many hopes for not just one event but even possibly a network of smaller ones throughout the country for the same community throughout the country...

rambling again....

okay must sleep now, it was one crazy day....

I got my own TB skin test today....

hopefully I'm negative!

must sleep

thanks so much everyone!




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Thank goodness it's TB!

I know when I had my first surgery the pathologist thought the cancer was not LC but had traveled from somewhere else and was now in the lung. When we got the test results that the primary was in the lung we danced in the doctors waiting room, people thought we were crazy. They just don't understand that sometimes there are worse things that can happen!

I'll take TB this time instead of the cancer spreading!!!!!!!

Good luck!

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Hi Stacia (Oh, you do have a name :lol: )

Well, I just came home, was gone for a day, and I saw your post. I am estastic.....:mrgreen:That is fantastic news!! Not LC....

You know, I had a feeling it was not LC as your husband just seemed to young for him to have that.

Like everybody else said, TB is not something anyone would want to have unless, of course, they have LC.

Sooooo.... at least he has something that is curable. That is such great news Stacia. According to what Katie said you still will have a hull ahead of you but hey... he will get over it and he will be the old Manny again. . Lucky guy...

I just don't understand why it took soooooo long to get the diagnosis. :roll: They had you so worried. :shock:

Anyway.... I will meet you at Cindi's pub for a round of drinks. I am sure Cindi will serve the drinks on the house. :wink:

I am so happy Stacia, :mrgreen:


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