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Well Cynd, I notice in one of your posts you mention you have been a little busy and being away for the board a bit to search out a place to live. You said you found one!! :mrgreen:

WELL SHARE!!! Tell us how you are doing, and where you are going to live.

Do Tell All, Waiting... :wink:


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Oh hey, hi. Maryanne..you don't miss a beat.

I started to tell J.C. via email and then I got tired with the computer still on and fell asleep. I took an ativan last night for sleep and I can't wake up.

I found an apartment North of the City in a small town. It is a year old building. The apt. is large as far as apts go. I think it is about 1200 sq feet. I will have 2 bedrooms, a den, a lanai, 2 bathrooms, lots of closet space. Underground garage with carwash, I get to park next to the elevator. Grocery carts for hauling my stash up. Party room. Computer room. Swimming pool. Exercise room. Well you get the picture.

What I like is the location. It is not so far out of town that if I have to come on a whim, I can easily do that. And to get to my appointments won't be so difficult. I also like that just driving a couple more hours north, puts me smack dab in the middle of my favorite lake. I may just invest in a trailer hitch for my cruiser and get a little fishing boat to haul along.

So as far as location goes, on a grand scale, it works for me. And as far as location goes there..it is on the very outskirts of town overlooking a cornfield. And it points West, so I will get my sunsets ooohs and ahhhhs in.

Oh the kitchen has it all, including a center island that has electricity and room for a couple bar stools.

I am worried about the ride for poor old Tim. I am thinking I might give him just a couple slivers of a tiny little ativan. Cars get him all worked up into a tizzie.

And now. For sure, I do have to pack up and get out. Having a place and knowing where I am going gives me an idea now of what to keep and what to chuck.

The hallways are long and I am worried about the walk from the elevator to the apartment. I might get one of those wheelie walkers to help to take the load off.

I will let you know when I get there, how it goes. Hope I won't be too lonesome or too bored. Need to get into the community to start networking for pals.

Maybe do some volunteer work like Bruce (luvmydog) and J.C. /Jackie. I do like my privacy, however, I must have friend options as well.

love, Cindi o'h

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First, I am so happy for you Cindi, this sounds like it has everything you need and want. But, secondly, I agree with Jackie, pack that pub stuff first.

I wish you happiness and good health in your new home.

I just found a laundry basket full of dirty clothes in the garage today. Also had a huge carton up in my bedroom marked clothes which turned out to be heavy, heavy tools that had to go to the basement. So moves can be 'interesting'.

The hard part is over, making the decisions. Now relax and enjoy the process.

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Its perfect!! :D Sounds exactly what you would want, You certainly have the room. Sounds so roomy,

I know you feel you may be lonely there, but knoing you, you will have plently of friends there. Ypu'll be making new friends in no time. You are just that type of person. Plus you have a computer room, a pool, exercise room, There's people there... and your friends will come visit and visa versa. New time in your life Cind, good things.

Hey, lots of room for Tim too!!

For everyone out there who feel they are on their last leg, take a lesson from Cindi. She was on hers a couple of months ago, and look at her now. You gotta believe!!

I am so proud of you girl, when you get settled, party time at the ole Cindi's pub!! :wink::wink::wink:




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Wow, Maryanne. You are exactly right. It is a very big "WOW" going through my mind when you just reminded me of where I have been. I never would have dreamed that this could have happened or that I could have pulled it off. And I am right. "I" couldn't have. But "We" did. Without all of your encouragement and support through this, it never would have happened. And that is no bullshits. I mean it. I was so scared to post about what was going on with me. I didn't think that it really related to lung cancer and it was so personal. I was feeling like a failure in all ways. You all picked me up with your posts and made me know that I deserved to get on with it instead of losing everything that I have worked so hard for. You gave me courage to ask for help from my friends and they came to the rescue. I am still not too healthy, but at least I am out of bed for the most part now. I was pretty sick for too long.

What has happened with me is nothing short of a miracle of God. I know that if He is going to get my touchie up and out of bed and moved into a nice place, that He is not done with me yet. I guess He wants me to keep serving you all and getting you lit up a bit more.

So, tonight, I raise my glass to you and thank you all for your encouragement and your love. I could not have done this without you.

love, cindi o'h

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Ditto here, but for you. You have picked so many of us up with you humor and your encouragement. I know we all look foward to reading your posts. You have really made my day at times. You are special gift of saying the right things, again with humor..

So my friend, my toast to you is to just keep doing what you are doing because it is working. God helps them who help themselves. You just gotta believe and get yourself up and make a goal and go for it. It took awhile :shock: but it happened for you. If you need help ASK... people came through for you. That is what life is about, helping others in their time of need.

I know in so many cases here online, little miracles have happened because we make sure we take care of our own on here, We give all the support and tenderness we can. Of course there are some who like to take the limelight and use humor.... ahem.... 8)

Bottoms up... and lots of Margarita's to you girl!!!!


PS. Your luck is going so well, maybe you should take a day and go fishing, I bet you would catch alot.. But then you would have to pack them... phew, think not. See your not the only one with humor... :wink:


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Glad to hear you found a place! How far are you going from the cities? Hopefully it will be away from some of this crazy darn traffic that we live with. The place sounds like it a gem.

This may sound stupid, but when my hubby was in the military we moved alot. It was actually productive because you could weed out the crap you have accumulated over time. Nothing better than a move to cleanup!

Do you need any help with packing still? If so, give me a call.


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