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No Longer Empty Headed

Remembering Dave

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Hey folks. I have been trying to post this all week. I just sat at the computer all week last week trying to write and just sit soooooo Thank you so much beth forposting for us. This is an excerpt from an email Karen sent to Beth which pretty mucc explains whats is going on. The pain is a little better and I actually went outside yesterday and watched my Dad do some yard wrk. You are all in my prayers daily , Please keep Karen and me in yours.

"Dave's not doing so well. His pain is uncontrollable, despite heavy use of oxycontin, oxycodone and gabapentin (nerve pain pills). He got a brain MRI and we saw the neurosurgeon again on Wednesday and got the news - three confirmed brain tumors. He gets a head PET on Thursday, the doc puts it before a clincial review board, and then we see him again next Friday to discuss the gamma knife, which he will more than likely be having. Can't

find a source of his trigeminal nerve pain in his face, so will probably inject an alcohol block into the facial nerves to numb them, will try to do

it along with the gamma knife but he has to see, he says doing that procedure in the gamma knife OR will probably drive the staff crazy with set up (smile). anyway, he hasn't had chemo since early April - the

topotecan was killing his blood counts and, according to Dr. S., killing HIM, so he pulled Dave off the topo and was going to start him on something

else yesterday, CHOPS is the cocktail - less effective, but less killing also. He used the term "qualify of life" which made me think "not much

time left".

"Thanks for asking about my mom. she had her gallbladder and half her liver removed last Wednesday. so I guess you will be joining her in the empty gallbladder club soon. everything went well, she spent six days in ICU and we could only see her for a half hour at 10 am, 2 pm and 6 pm. so instead of just staying at the hospital with her, I did alot of running back and forth, which was complicated over the weekend with Dave's parents gone to visit his sister, they took Faith which was a great help. But she went into a regular room on Tuesday and came

home last night, for a 72 year old woman who's had her fourth major surgery in less than a year, she did great. I am so very proud of her!

Fired the real estate agent for gross nonperformance and got a new guy, long story, but I KNOW he will sell the house fast. So am busy busy busy

trying to get the house ready as he requests, our old agent really dropped the ball on having us prep the house and especially showcasing the

riverbank properly. new guy is bringing out some high school football players that work on his farm for him to do yard work and stuff to get the

riverbank looking sharp, Monday after school. after that I imagine we'll hit the ground running, we're running short of prime selling season for

riverfront property.

David C

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I am so sorry you are not get the results you are looking for from the tx. In this day, you would have to believe they could come up with something to give you relief from that pain.

You know there is a large family here that prays for the Chapman family. You guys need a break.

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Sheesh...it's about time things went YOUR way, David...eh? I wish you'd had better results from the Topo. It finally did a number on my counts, necessitating 3 transfusions....but my dose was cut to 9 mgs per cycle and so far...I'm doing okay with that.

Know that I'm thinking of you guys and sending my best wishes all the time. There is so much on your plate right now...but most important is your health and that of Karen's mom.

Please keep us updated as you're able...because we do worry when we don't hear from one of you. I hope the pain subsides soon and that the rest of your tx falls into place AND does the job for you!!

Best wishes and thoughts coming your way....

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Just want you to know that we're thinking of you as you go on in your battle against this terrible disease. Hoping for relief from that pain -- and zap the you-know-whats out of that thing in your head. As the others have said, just hang in there -- you're overdue on your break....


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(((((David & Karen)))))

You have been through HE**. I know how you must feel with the never ending pain, I am praying that they can get that under control for you. Stay strong my warrior friend, we are all praying for you.


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David --

I'm so sorry to hear about the pain which they still can't seem to get under control. You're long overdue for a break from the da** disease. I know this is all discouraging for you but remember many of us send prayers daily for the Chapman family and we're not going to stop.

Gail P-M

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Thank you for posting to let us know about your condition Dave.

I don't even know what to say at this point.You are in so much pain. I pray that eases up for you.

I am glad that Karens mom is doing so well. That

must be a load off her mind.

Please take care and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I pray for you to have some comfort and to be pain free.

Tell Karen, I think about her everyday and I send her strength...


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My prayers to the whole family. On another note, has your doc tried clonadine in combination with the gabapentin? Our pain clinic anesthetists use it with good success. Something to research and inquire about.

Best wishes,


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Add my prayers to the list, too, David. I know how it feels to get this kind of news, and it just stinks. As you know, Gamma Knife has a great history of success, so I'll be looking forward to seeing a report in a month or two that says you are once again empty headed.

Take care of yourself and give Karen a hug from me.



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