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Mike's appt June6th


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I love the Good News board best of all. We all need this board and I think we have some good news to share. Yesterday, June 6th -Our 35th wedding anniversary :D , we got very a very good report from the oncologist. He says that Mike's chest scan showed that the previous pneumonitis is resolving itself and all areas of concern are either unchanged or stable. This means that he has been stable since about last Decemeber. You will notice (Beth, Charlie D and other Alimtians), he was on Alimta from December to March 28th.. total 6 treatments. That's the good news about Alimta, but not sure if it caused the pneumonitis..onc doesn't know). I had written that he is having a bout of shingles, but the med (Famvir) that the Dr. gave him is clearing them up quickly. For now, he is still on high doses of prednisone and is slowly coming down . He started at 60mg and is down to 40, soon to be 30. It is taking time and it has suppressed his immune system. The good thing is that it seems to be working.

The oncologist reccommends that we continue the chemo break until August and then do full chest, abdomen and pelvic scans again. That will give Mike a while to let his immune system to build up a bit. Soooooo, Cindi, we're on our way to your pub to celebrate good news and our 35th Anniversary!!!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and for just being here for us. We love you and keep each and every one of you in our prayers... God Bless..

Let's Celebrate!!!


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Pub is open, shineladysue and Mike!!

Champagne and caviar all around!

Congratulations on 35 years and don't we just love the stable and better posts!

I can relate to the pnuemonitis and shingles. Mine were about 6 months post treatment on the S-1 pathway. Where are Mike's? Hope he is handling the prednisone all right. Since he is already having improvement, he probably won't have to be on it long at all! Mike was the first one on the Alimta, right? He has some good folks following his footsteps!

Again, congrats! And if someone doesn't enjoy champagane, then there are other alternatives including sorbet and mineral water.

love, Cindi o'h

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I am so happy to hear your wonderful news. Your drinks at the pub will be on me in celebration of good report AND your 35th wedding anniversary. Wouldn't it be great to spend your 50th together too?!?!? I will look forward to that!


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Sue and Mike,

Great news! Congrats on both the news and the anniversary. I get my post 6th Alimta Treatment Cat Scan Thursday. Hope and pray it is the same. On my way tomorrow AM for Roswell Park. Will know Thurs.

Again, congrats. C Ya at Cindi's.


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Mike and I want to thank all of you for your love, your prayers and your support.

Cindi-Thank you for all you do for us and everyone. Champagne and caviar... that's nice, but Bud light for me and hubby too if they ever get him off these meds. Prednisone, alone, makes him crazy and then they added a thousand other meds to make him out of it... Prednisone is really hard on him .. He becomes a jeckyl& hyde..he is swollen up like crazy,it gives him a ravenous appetite and his blood pressure is elevated...buttttt he can breathe better and the scans show the pneumonitis is resolving itself so whatcha gonna do.... take the stuff.. right?

Katie-Thank you for your love and support. I can always feel it.

Frank-we would love to join you at the pub.. You are one of our heroes ya know...

Connie-we love all the smiles and your positive attitude.. thanks for all you do

Brat-you guys are so giving to all that cross your path.. Thank you so much....

Kasey-You just make me smile. When you write, I feel you talking from your picture. You have the sweetest smile and such a kind heart. We are so blessed to know you

Fay-Thank you for your kind words and your support. Your posts are always a must read with me.

Rich- Thank you for your support.

Terrie-Thank you for your kind words.

Don-Thank you for your support and congrats. You and Lucie are always in my prayers...

Charlie D.- Saying prayers for great scan results for you... -"Git er Done"

Val-Thanks so much for your support. Keeping your mom in my prayers

Gail-Thanks .. a recharging will be nice

Thanks everyone.... Love and Prayers to all

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Hi Sue,

I am estastic for the good news.

I will join you for a good news drink and to toast to you for a happy special 35th!!

We will join in that toast for our 36th today.

Keep the good news coming. I love this site also, it is the best!!

Cindi, set um up!!


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Congratulations all around. Great news and 35 years is alot to celebrate. Maryanne, congratulations to you too. WOW, 36 years is a real milestone as well. Cindi's pub will be quite busy for a while. Isn't it wonderful to share good news?


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