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Stage IV to 1A


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We went to Moffitt yesterday for Ken's post op check up. They said that all the pathology had come back negative (except the tumor) and they were staging him at 1A. They feel that the liver tumors were not from the lung.

I am still just stunned. It is crazy to be thrilled to have 2 primary cancers at once, but that is what we are. Both have been surgically removed and in the ideal world he would be cured.

We go back in a month to see the onc. Ken wants to check into getting more chemo to be on the safe side. I guess he will get a scan scheduled then. So now we are in the wait and watch mode that everyone is familiar with. But I tell you I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted. Like I told him, the only better news we could have gotten is if they said it was a mistake and wasn't cancer after all. I am grateful for what we did get.

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Tell that vet hubby of yours that I'm thrilled along with you all, and hope for better and better news to come. I'm thankful to him for his service to our country, more than he could ever know, and will pray that he gets a well deserved break with his health at this time in his life.

My best to the both of you.


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Thank you everyone. Our whole perspective has changed, feel like we can make plans for the future. Our daughter (lives in WY) is coming tonight for the weekend. She is having our first grandchild in Sept. Having a baby shower tomorrow. We have a lot to celebrate now!

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Great news for Ken! Wow..2 primaries at once. It happens though. I have had 2 primarys, the second one came within a year of the first one. If I were Ken, I would ask for adjuvant chemo. I did not do it after my first primary, and possibly I could have averted the second primary if I had. Of course, I will never know for sure. I am doing chemo now.

Don M

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sounds like you two have been moving quick! sometimes it is all a blurr, eh?

i know what you mean about finding more than one cancer. i've had 3 different types of cancer. they have cut two out altogether i hope and i'm figuring how to deal with the third.

i just finished chemo so was off this list for a couple months.

hang in there. it sounds like you guys are in this for the long haul.



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