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Bad News For Me...


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I don't believe I've asked for help yet here...I've just hung around....learning...supporting wherever I could. But last Friday I went for a catscan of my brain and the local hospital kept me and didn't want to let me go. I've been told I have a 6 cm tumor attached to my frontal and parietal lobes. The swelling around the tumor was likely causing my facial symptoms....something similar to a very mild bells palsey. Since all my other body scans have been clear of cancer...my docs are shocked I have this single large brain tumor. The size of it knocks me out of the gamma knife...and I'm still in the dark when the neurosurgeon will operate. I'm scheduled to see one tomorrow in Cleveland Ohio. I'm wondering if I'll get to come home tomorrow at all. Has anyone here ever heard of NSCLC traveling straight to the brain without any stops in between??? What about such a large single tumor??? Is this unusual...or am I just trying to get out of the mess I'm in??? So sorry I'm not here tonight to offer something of myself other than fear and a deep, deep hatred for cancer.

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Hello Mayos and Millie,

Chiming in from way down here in Southernmost Ohio, Cincinnati.

Mayos...my husbands lung cancer travelled straight up to his brain with no stops in between. I'm so sorry that you are going thru this and the gamma knife is not an option. I'm hopeful that your surgeon will have a plan in place and be able to surgically remove that nasty tumor. From my experience with Bill's surgery, it sounds much scarier than it was. He was actually alert, awake and placing a midnight snack order within an hour of his emergency craniectomy last year...and home from the hospital 5 days later.

We'll be saying extra prayers for you and hope you report back with some good news.

Hang on and let us know what we can do for you Mayos!

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I am so sorry for your bad news. Hopefully after your meeting with the surgeon, you will have a good plan in place to remove that nasty tumor


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Mayos....hope the neuro doc comes up with a good plan to rid you of this tumor asap!

Don't you worry about what you can be here to offer right now...you just show up and hopefully, you'll find what you need to get thru YOUR next steps!

Sending all good thoughts your way for a successful resolution. Let us know what the neurosurgeon has to say.

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I am so sorry to hear your news. You were doing so well. This must have really knocked you through a loop. Da-n that pissses me off. YOu must be so scared. My heart goes out to you.

I feel you will be just fine. Keep a positive addititude...

Prayers sent.


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Thanks so much for the all the support and caring I feel. This group is a dream come true for many of us. My tumor is out and I'm able to move and think...I'm lucky to be alive. My doc said I'd have been gone within 2 wks. It was the same adeno as my LC...so I'm looking at WBR and Tegretol I think. I appreciate your thoughts with all my heart. Thank you so much...Till we talk again..........

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Dear Mayos,

I thought I had responded to this post, too. I remember reading it. I'm sorry I'm late.

Yes, NSCLC does generally go straight to the brain if it gets in the bloodstream, however, that is really, really fast if it wasn't there in March, especially for it to be so big. Of course, you wouldn't have even known about it if they haven't done scans of the brain.

Anyway, I sure am glad they got it out and that you are feeling better. That was quite a scare!

Please keep us posted how you're doing.



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Hi Mayos!

I have been looking for an update from you on how everything is going for you! I have a couple of pm's in my outbox to you....one since back in May. Check your mailbox, okay?

Hoping and praying that the radiation is doing exactly what it is supposed to and that the Tegratol is keeping everything calm.

Cindi o'h

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