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An update on Cathyr


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I talked to Cathy's daughter-in-law and Cathy is not doing well. She said she has declined and is no longer able to post on the computer. She is being well taken care of, her family is all there taking shifts and she is never alone. Hospice comes in 3 times a week to help.

She said that Cathy may be able to call me back at some point but that now was not a good time. I asked her to keep us updated and to let Cathy know that we were all thinking about her.

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I'm sad for Cathy and her family...but glad she has them around her at this time.

Best thoughts and wishes go out to all of them...and thanks, Ry, for checking on her. I hope her DIL does pass it along that we all send our best to her.

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Hi Ry,

Sorry RY, I did not notice your post. Thank you for calling.

I posted a message in this forum from Cathys little sister which she sent to me in email.

She is such a sweet, sweet lady. I miss her and her uplifting postings so much.

I am so glad she is with her family. Also, so glad her pain is being taken care of.


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Hi,I too am a younger sister of Cathy and would like to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers. She has often talked about this wonderful group and your love and inspirations have been extremely beneficial to all of us but especially Cathy. I am so grateful God has spared her extra time which gave her a chance to visit all her friends, see her family, go on some adventures including an antique tour in England and a balloon ride she always wanted to do. What's not so amazing and typical of Cathy, she has spared the family much heartache and aggrevation but getting all her legal/arrangements in order.I will miss Cathy to the utmost as we are only 16mo. apart in age and shared everything together.I know though Cathy and I will never be apart, for even now we know what each other is feeling or thinking. I love her so much and pray she makes this transition smoothly. She knows I will be with her now,during transition and after life. I love you Cat!

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