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Yippeee Skippeee!! PUB is OPEN....Party!

cindi o'h

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Just got home from my face to face with the onc.

I saw the PET/CT report. No mets anywhere....(sort of) there is a slight uptake on the R adrenal gland, but doc isn't concerned with it. We will follow up with another PET/CT SUV in 8 weeks. This spot had a value of only 3.8

I am still sleeping with NED! He is mine! Can you believe it?

I did tell my onc. that the appointment last week was devastating to me. I got teary about it and he seemed to also. I think he knows what a big mistake jumping the gun was.

I still need to have the drain put in the lung or a talc procedure.

All in all, kids, things are looking good for this girl! (Can't breathe worth a dang, but, hey! no cancer anywhere!!!)

2 years 9 1/2 months...stage lllB.

I already had TWO margaritas on the way home and I am not kidding! So, I am going to be heavy on the pour for all of ya'll!

Missy, Lori, and Addie all have good news....

Anyone else?

love, cindi o'h

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ohhh Jackie!

You are always sooo funny! You know how I just love the dickens outta you!

I have to put pillows under that stool of yours anyway, cuz for sure you will break that boney arse of yours!

And thanks all ,,can you believe it??? Last week I thought I was a gonner!

Drink up, now. C'mon. Sue's pouring and I am just sittin'.

Cindi o'h

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I'm not going to stick around the pub since I don't drink and everyone thinks I'll be their damn designated driver! Now THERE'S a good time! :roll:

Anyway, what great great news you have! This means I cussed like a sailor for nothing, which, of course, I have NEVER ever done before :shock:8) !

SO glad that everything turned out A-OK for you woman... enjoy those margaritas!!!

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This is THE BEST news! I'm opening a Green Apple Twister to celebrate and I'm not a big fan of alcohol (just a taste thing). This news called for something more than a Diet Coke and I haven't made it to Cindi's pub yet. So, sitting on my OK porch, watching the dogs playing, here's to you!


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OMG Cindi that's GREAT!!!!! What a wonderful day for all of us here!!! Marks it down as an anniversary of sorts! Mom told me this afternoon that she KNOWS she's got an angel around somewhere...just the PE alone was enough to convince her!! Knows we all have a few up there watching over us!

Congratulations on 2 year 9 1/2 months!!! Mom's at just over three months now!! And she says she's going to try and come in and have a sit down and a couple drinks, too!

I just can't believe how GOOD things can be contagious!

Love and prayers and hope all around...and heck, put another round on me! :wink: I start back to work on the 23rd, but i know my hubs will cover it until then! :shock:

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Okay Cind,

Drinks all around, for Missy her mom, Lori and her mom. And of course you, my darling Cindi. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

This is all such good news. :D

What a difference a week makes.

There is strength in numbers and in prayers.

Maybe this 2nd half of August is finally turning things around.



Love ya,


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Can't we just sit on the floor in the Pub? Or do I have to sit on the stools? Oh Hell, if I sit on the floor I need help getting up, if I sit on the stool and fall off onto the floor, I still need help getting up off the floor. :roll:

To hell with it, I'll just stand and have a Bloody Mary Please!!!

Congratulations on the GOOD NEWS! Good for YOU!

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What wonderful news !!

This good news is so INSPIRING for all of us.

2 years 9 1/2 months is a reason for a round of drinks..I think I need to check out the pub !! I wonder what a warm Black Russian tastes like ??

I am so happy for you.. more good news for everyone !!!!! :D:D:D


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