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Yippeee Skippeee!! PUB is OPEN....Party!

cindi o'h

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See all of that bawling does do some good after all. Now that we have cried our eyes out, with nothing more to cry out....we finally start getting some good news around here. I'll admit this last few weeks have been a real downer for me.

I love each of you and when you all hurt I do too. This will help a great deal so it is good news for me personally as well.

Pour me a diet-caffine-free mountain dew and I'll add a little Canadian club to it.

See you all at the bar.


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Jeesh! I'm glad I just looked at the top of my post because the mouse had slipped while I was clicking on the smilies and the was a whole row of the little devil guys ( :evil: ) - that would have been a charming way to congratulate you!

You just keep on doing the serpentine, girl!


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I'm speechless :D:D:D:D

I'm soooo happy for you, and for the rest of us, you had us all scared there for awhile.

Boy, were we ever in need of some good news, thanks for coming along and saving the day.

You know how much you are loved here, and needed :P

Congrats :!::!:


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I don't think i've left the pub yet!!! :shock::shock: What day is it now? Awwww heck, just toss me a bloody mary and i'll be good to go again!

Cindi, i'm glad someone else answered the cosmo question for you...i had no idea either...i'm a fuzzy navel, white russian, martini, and liquid cocaine kinna girl! :wink: Nothing like a little bit of variety! LOL

Still in shock at all the good news...and feeling so very blessed with such good people surounding me and mom!!! Thanks again, and continued prayers for everyone!!!

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I may have to insist on a new rule that ALL GOOD NEWS must be cross-posted in the General forum. I don't seem to find the time to check through all the forums anymore and then I miss great news like this!

Sheesh :roll: Talk about Addie-Come-Lately! :?

So sorry to miss out on the early congrats and celebration, but this is fabu news as my friend, Frankie, would say...just fabu! (She teaches...so she comes up with some doozies from the kids sometimes! :wink: )

I'm on my way, even as I type, to the pub. Gotta be a virgin Transfusion or Margarita these days...but hey, I can get down and goofy without the booze. Trust me. :roll: A little Decadron...and I'm the life of the party/ :shock:

Stay met free, girl. Once you get those air purses working like they're 'sposed to....you'll be like brand new.

Okay, pre-owned?

Slightly used?

A bargain at any price! :wink:

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