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Bye then


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Just thought I'd log on one last time to say goodbye. I posted a while back in the hallpass forum to explain that due to a change in circumstances I'm going to lose internet access very shortly. I just didn't want to sneak off without thanking all of you so very much for making me so welcome and for your support for Claire. Claire's doing Ok but they still haven't decided whether or not she has lupus and that's dragging her down.

Some of you I'm going to miss so much - you know who you are :wink: To everybody I just want to wish you well. I'll drop in when I can and I want to see that you're all having a hugely adulterous affair with our man NED.

To Katie and Rick - this place is so important. I appreciate that what you do is a massive undertaking and just wanted to say thanks - you have actually changed people's lives by being here.



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Dee, we'll be holding you and Claire gently in our hearts and minds until you can return. You ARE gonna return, aren't ya? :wink:

Hope so....but till then, I hope Claire does well and they figure it all out re: the possible lupus.

Good thoughts........

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Oh Miss Doughnut...Dee!

I think I was among the first to welcome you here. Now it is sad to be bidding you adieu. I do so hope you acquire internet access and are able to return. I, for one, would like to keep tabs on Claire, as well as you dear.

Perhaps to those with whom you acquired a connection, an exchange of addresses, if that would be your wish.

It is very sad to say goodbye, Dee. Best of luck to you. Best of luck to Claire. BTW, does SHE have access here. If I recall correctly, didn't you say you thought she secretly read on here. Hmmm....

Come back soon, I hope.

Warmest regards,


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