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Sorry if I hurt anyone on this board


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Well I like to say that I am very sorry for all the fellings I hurt on this board. This was not what I was trying to do. Rather find some answers and I don't know maybe vent some. I want all of you to know that I love my family member very much and will do everything I can to help him through this hard time. I was and still am worried about his smoking but I am going to work on just trying to make him happy and see that we as a family come together and help him in any way we can. I know that some of you felt that I hurt your feelings and that is not what I was trying to do and you think that I was just trying to start something on this board well you are wrong really I was just looking for some help but rather I got nasty replys so I guess its not ok to ask something or share my views on something. Maybe it was the way I asked and for that I am sorry but some of you should look back and read what you said to me. It was well lets say rude. You say that I think I am better and who am I to say anything well I am a family member that cares alot. So again I am sorry if I hurt your feelings that was not what I was trying to do. But you guys tried to hurt my feelings and you did. That is the differents between my post and your replys.

I would like to say that I am so sorry that yet another person has been hit by this cancer and I hope that your mother will be ok.

In closing I would like to say that I will try to do my posts when I am in a better mood and I do not up set this family that I hope I am welcome to join.

I am thinking of you all to day and hope that your day is going well

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I accept your apology, and am so glad to see that you're posting again - if you're willing to give it another shot, then so am I. clean slate.

we are here for you, dixie. I can't tell you how much the support here has changed my life and my experience of my mother's cancer. they told me some stuff I didn't want to hear at first, too, but darned if they weren't 100% right on!

welcome back, and I do hope things are going well with your (uncle? brother? I couldn't quite tell...)family member's treatment, and with you.



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As you can see-people on here are are all about caring. I am glad you took a few days and realized that.

Please feel free to post anything you feel or problems you are having. As we said before, we do not judge each other, we support. I hope you find that here.

Love Cindy

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