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Rachel has passed


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Rachel passed today at 1555 Alaska time- at home surrounded by her family and her PCP who walked in 2 seconds after her last breath- it was a very special moment for everyone and I know that she is happy about how it all went- The house is filling with friends as word gets out- oh, how she is loved-

Thank you all again and again and again-

Susan, Stan and family

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Dear Susan,

Please convey my sincere sympathy to Stan and the rest of Rachel's family. How sad I was to hear the news this evening.

And to you, dear friend of Rachel, you too have remained in my thoughts and prayers through this part of Rachel's journey. I remember so well the pain of losing my own dear friend some years ago.

I am praying strength for ALL who loved Rachel, and that each has special memories which, hopefully, can offer comfort at this most difficult time.


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I am so sorry to hear about Rachael. I admired her very much. My prayers are with you and her family and other friends. These next few days, weeks and months will be hard but I know you have many, many fond memories of her. I was so shocked when I found she was so sick. Her spirit was always so positive.


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Thank you, Susan, for letting us know. Rachel and I pm'd each other a bit...once all the way from Hawaii where she was enjoying a lomilomi massage. She was very happy to be able to go.

All sympathies to you, Stan, and the rest of her family. I am glad that she was so well loved.

Cindi o'h

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Please convey our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to Stan and all of Rachel's family and friends.

Susan, thank you for being the kind of friend to Rachel that each of us needs in our life.

We are so very sad with this news, but find joy in her peaceful passing.


Pat and Brian

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Rachel....our Alaskan Princess....I bid you a fond farewell, dear one. :( You will be greatly missed...but you surely left a stamp on a lot of hearts...both here, and in your personal life.

Deepest condolences to Stan and to Ole too...along with all the rest of Rachel's family.

To you, Susan, her dearest friend....thank you for keeping in touch with us and for conveying our feelings back to Rachel. I hope she heard them all, even if she couldn't acknowledge. You and Rachel were blessed to have the connection you did.

I hope you might feel comfy in stopping by here once in a while, Susan. We feel we've come to know you...and you're always welcome here, if it doesn't make you sad to come here.

Godspeed, Rachel. You were one sweet, dear lady.

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