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OFF to IU for #2


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Bill had his blood counts done today and the white cell count is back up. It had dropped dramatically due to the radiation treatments and we were fearful we would be dropped from the chemo clinical trial if the counts didn't recover by this week. Well we made it and are scheduled to leave for Indianapolis on Wednesday. Thank you Lord!!!


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So glad to hear that Peg. We had a couple of times when Jan was going through chemo that we weren't sure if her blood count was going to be up enough for her to receive the chemo, thus messing all our plans up. Hope all continues to go well for Bill and we are keeping you all in our prayers.

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Peg and Bill,

You are in my prayers. A special prayer has been sent to our precious Lord for you. God is good.

God bless you and your family



Dx 3-13 NSCLC 3-A ????, surgery not an option

taxol/carbo and radiation, currently on carbo/taxol every three weeks

Procrit & Neulasta

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Hi friends,

Back from IU with an update. Do you know that when we went to the chemo area there was a Lance Armstrong jersey on display behind glass and autographed with the inscription " Without the care of IU Med Center, I would not be here." Kind of makes you get a lump in your throat for our 5 time Tour de France Winner, doesn't it?

Bill went through the chemo like a real trooper. First, we met with the consulting doctor, then the REAL doctor, the chemo nurse, the nutritionist, and then got the chemo - and well - 6 hours later we were headed back home. I hate the Indianapolis traffic - we were in the 5 o'clock rush hour (ha- we didn't move hardly at all, let alone rush.........) for nearly and hour and then 2 more hours home. Quite a day for my dear one, not to mention me who hates driving at night in construction and all. OH WELL ..... the Lord is certainly providing a growth experience for me...................

I thank the Lord for every day I have with Bill and so appreciate all of you and your everlasting support and prayers.

Blessings to you all,


Lenny - thanks for the tip about lodging and meals!!!

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