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Well we had the visit with the Oncologist today to get the info of all the recent tests.

It really didn't sound good. He said his LC is in Stage IV with mets to many of the lymph nodes in the chest area.

He will have a medi-port installed next week and begin three rounds of chemo then re-evaluate as to continue or change to something different.

Ronnie was also considering not doing chemo until the doctor told him he would probably have six to nine month left with out it. He'll be starting chemo in the 15th.

I'm still kind of in shock...so I'll just keep this short...

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Hi Darlene,

So sorry for the news... but as you have read there is plenty of hope out there. So many of our members here have gone through the same thing and they are doing fine.

Never give up!! Keep a positive attitude and know that he too can conquer this.

Prayers sent to him.


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I am sorry your news was not as you wanted it to be. I am sure you are in a state of shock at the moment. Once you start your treatments and know that you are "doing something" to fight this beast things will begin to fall into place. Many here are living miracles. You can be the same.

I am glad you found us and hope you will continue to ask questions and post. Support is very important to all of us.


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I had lymph node involvement as well as a lung tumor. I had 6 weeks of chemo (carbo/taxol) and radiation.When I had surgery to remove my upper right lobe, 20 lymph nodes were removed from my chest not to mention one of my ribs. No cancer was found in any of the lymph nodes. KEEP THE FAITH.


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