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Pat, hope Brian's appt went well


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Hi, guys!!

Wow, just when I am down and out here you are to lift me up!!!

Thank you!

Doc said if Brian's sbloody sputum increases in volume or frequency to call right away, other wise he wants to see us next Thurs before Brian's chemo. He said he may want to 'have a look~see down there'.......whatever that means. Brian's labs were okay and so he got CPT-11.

He has been having some vomiting but that is easing up now and

GOD BLESS LORI...........what a trooper. She came over today and took grandma home for the day / night. Tomorrow is the appointment w/ Grandma's GP and I have done a lot of research on our options. Grandma is being a good sport and her pain is a bit better. She keeps saying that she slept well for the first time in years the last 2 nights and that she feels so safe here...........and that she loves me dearly and that the food I cook is so appealing to her and really helps her appetite. She has lost weight over the last 6 months.........and ate really well for me........I know she is telling the truth, but I just can't have her in the Great Room, she can not make the stairs and my responsibilty is to Brian. I am clear on that.

So we will see if doc can order some OT or some home health aide type stuff and if not, we will just pay comfort keepers to spend 2 hours per day w/ her, set up a schedule among, Lori and Lisa (Brian's daughters) and Brian and I to check on her every day. We all call her, but we will need to physically go and see her at least 5 times a week. It is easy for me to make meals for her to take ~ not every day~ but many.......... I am much calmer. It is not easy, but sometime/ somehow peace settled in and we just keep moving forward. ( That is a result of your faithful prayer support, I am positive about that!!)

I am sure she is so scared and sad that her only child is sick w/ lung cancer. She is nervous about feeling as though she is losing her mental acuity. Her back and bones in general are so painful. I just put myself in her shoes and it is easy to be kind. (The patience is a bit tougher).

So that is our update for today.

I surely do love you guys and count on you!


Pat and Brian, too!!

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I was beginning to worry about you yesterday. I know how overwhelmed you have been and knew that Brian had his appt yesterday.

When I got to work, I immediately looked for your post.

I'm so glad to hear that Brian was able to receive the CPT-11.

Sounds like Grandma is doing much better too. How lucky they both are to have someone like you to take care of them.

Let us know how Grandma's appointment goes today.



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Pat and Brian! so good to hear the update. you're all taking such good care of each other, it's beautiful. you know this, but by not over-extending yourself you ARE taking better care of Ruby. at any rate, I am glad to hear what sounds like a manageble plan.

I am also SO happy to hear Brian's vomiting is easing up. you guys are on my mind, all the time.



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Oh, I am so glad you checked in! I don't know *what* it is about this board but in such a short time, I've come to care so very much about all of you and this journey we are on...whether it's us or a loved one that has this horrible disease.

Your attitude is wonderful. Hugs to you both and relieved that things are working out with your MIL.

Continued prayers, ((((Pat)))


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