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Hope you find some good laughs this weekend. Laughter is the best medicine. Take care.


M*A*S*H (1970)

AIRPLANE! (1980)



HARVEY (1950)






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Not sure I can add any movies right now. My mind sometimes just comes up a blank. I do remember laughing like crazy at the Airplane movies.

BUT I do want to tell you I think you are such a very neat, wonderful daughter. You are so involved in her care and recovery. Just read your other post asking for suggestions on non traditional treatments. Don't have anything to offer there either. Maybe just lots af liquids. I am sure you probably saw the posts by Don in SCLC on things he did.

Will be thinking of you and watching for your posts.


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You've GOT to watch What About Bob? I just love that movie, it's hilarious! love bill murray!

We just watched Napoleon Dynamite last week and laughed our heads off! but I think you have to have just the 'right sense of humor' for that one. Not everyone gets it. My parents watched it, and while they occasionaly laughed.... we just couldn't STOP laughing. And now, we can't stop quoting the movie lines! :)

have an absolutely WONDERFUL weekend with Mom. :)

and don't forget to tell us what you watch!


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Hard to believe your mom is my age...My kids are only 4 and 6...I don't feel old enough to have children your age!!!

Anyhow, My favorite funny movies are...

City Slickers ( Billy Crystal )

Get Shorty ( John Travolta )

Planes trains and automobiles (Steve Martin )

But I would also vote for renting like a series, you know how they rent like the whole season of friends, Seinfeld. Or Comedy specials, one of my favorites is Ellen Degeneres.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!!!


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Yeah, City Slickers is great. Laugh ALOT there. Call me silly, but i loved Garfield, the Movie. That was really cute. And also SHRECK. Love the donkey (Eddie Murphy). Give Mom a hug for me and let here read my bio. I have the same diagnosis as she and I'm 3 1/2 hear SURVIVOR. She CAN do it. Keep laughing - it WORKS.

Joanie ((()))

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My mind has gone blank right now but I loved "Get Shorty" and my favourite one was the one that Adam Sandler played the golfer....my mum doesn't really get into funny movies but she loved this one...Maybe someone else will be able to remember the name :)

Take care and hope you have a great night :!:


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Jenny... the golfer movie is "Happy Gilmore" if you like Adam Sandler that's a classic. My 14yr old has watched it about 100 times it seems.

I loved Napoleon Dynamite I thought it was the funniest thing. My husband didn't get it at all. My kids and I are constantly quoting the movie.

As far as funny goes... my al time favorite is steve martin's "The Jerk" it's so stupid it's funny.

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