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A new owie for Brian........any insight? Morning update


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Brian began having back spasms tonight.

They are severe then moderate then not so bad then severe and so on.

He wants to wait to call the doc but I am getting so that I am not sure how many more of these nervous nights we can take.

I changed his pain patch tonight on schedule, gave him an oxy IR for break through pain, gave him Ativan to relax him and he is in bed, but the spasms roll in and out.

Poor guy.

He is always either constipated or having diarrhea,

throwing up or really trying to eat something

exhausted constantly

I am so sad tonight.

Anyone have any experience w/ back spasms as they relate to tx or lc?

Thanks for always being here so I am not alone.



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No experience with back spasms. But, want you to know I am here for you and praying for you both. You have every right to be sad! Brian has been through soooo much and so have you. Praying for peace, comfort, spasm relief, and healing. Take care. Hope others can help about the spasms. Blessings!

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Maybe one of the nurses will chime in and have some insight. Seems like when I had back issues once the doc gave me like 800 mg of Motrin. Got a heating pad? It may help relax the muscle. Your doc can call in a muscle relaxer for him--I'd call.


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Pat, how about a massage? I have heard of cancer patients getting them for comfort and other reasons. They even come to your house.

Some Cancer Centers and Hospitals offer them as well.

Otherwise, I'm with Ry on the heating pad.

Oh geezzzze poor Brian!!! :(:(

That's the best I can offer for suggestions.

Hope and Pray he's feeling better REALLY SOON!!

(((((((((((((PAT & BRI))))))))))))))

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Dearest Pat, you are never alone, but I know it has to feel like it sometimes.

Jim developed a very bad pain in his back during Christmas week last year. I don't know if it was spasms. I never really felt the doctor knew for sure what caused it but it did get better. Xray said possible light pneumonia, doc said maybe pain was pleurisy (?). I never thought of the heating pad, but wouldn't hurt to try.

I know it is very hard when you want to call the Doctor but Brian wants to wait. Jim NEVER wanted me to call the doctor. Most of the time, I waited it out because that is what he wanted. That can be an excruciating wait for both of you.

I'm hoping the Ativan will let him sleep soundly enough that maybe he will get some really deep sleep and the spasms won't wake him until the morning.

I would really like you to get some sleep too, if at all possible. Doctor Lynne says 'thats an order'.

With so much love,


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Call the doc. I'm wondering about kidney stones being a possibility in addition to muscle spasms, but the doc will be able to tell you if Brian's symptoms are consistent with kidney stones or muscle spasms.

In the meantime get out the heating pad and give him a good old back massage. Sprinkle a bit of powder on his back so your hands glide better.

Praying for you guys!


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the commonest Rx muscle relaxant is Flexeryl. That stuff is nasty. It knocks me out and makes me feel very hung over.

My physiatrist Rx Tizanidine for me. The sleep that it induces is not unpleasant and no hangover feeling. Tizanidine is a drug that is usually prescribed by neurologists. Hardly a GP knows of it. I highly recommend it.

I am dealing now with the same awful pain, Pat. I am also beside myself with what to do. I think it is pleuracy or effusions causing the original pain and then the muscles are reacting or "guarding" "stacking" as a reaction to that pain.

Well, that is my experience. Hope we can get to the bottom of this.

Cindi o'h

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Pat, I hope you and Brian both managed to get some well deserved rest overnight. Hopefully, these spasms are a passing thing. Dennis had spasms in his back a few times and in his hands. On two occasions, the doctor sent us to the ER for IV fluids and this fixed the problem. Had Brian been drinking enough liquids? I'm saying prayers that today is a wonderful day for both of you!

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Hope Brian's night and yours as well...was better. Good suggestions about the heating pad and calling the doc. (he could just call something in and do mention the med Cindi suggested)

My dad had back spasms and it really helped if he changed positions frequently. Gentle back and neck rubs also seemed to offer some relief.

YOU, my dear are NEVER alone. My heart is just so heavy for you and Brian. Many prayers, dear Pat.


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Long long night,

but Brian really wanted to NOT call the doctor.

The only reason I did not argue is because we are due at the Cancer Center at 10 central for Labs.

Additionaly he seemed to have some new and uncharacteristic inclination to argue and be combative....Not physically, he doesn't have the strenght, but he was DETERMINED to withstand the pain in his own bed.

More when we get back.




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