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Joy on our 45th anniversary…


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My good news is that I had a wonderful day yesterday with my family. It would have been Tim and my 45th anniversary, and I was able to celebrate our life together with our kids and grandkids. I took them ALL out to supper (like Tim and I used to do) and we finished the evening by lauching a beautiful snowflake balloon at the cemetery in the dark. This may sound weird, but it was wonderful as we watched it slowly rise up and up until it was just a sparkle like a star.

Couldn't help but share the joy I feel this morning.


Timmy P


His legacy goes on and on and on and…

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I love the baloon in the dark at the cemetery celebration. That's the way I'd like to be remembered someday.

Just think, 45 years ago none of your kids or grandkids existed (except as a twinkle in your eyes.) Celebrating with all of them is a wonderful way to remember that happy event that started it all. Thanks for sharing good news with us.


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Cyndy....so glad you had such a beautiful day. Releasing the snowflake balloon was such a wonderful tribute to such a great life together. I am glad your children were able to be with you. I know whenever we all get together we find it's a great opportunity to share some great Dennis stories. I'm so glad you had a happy day!

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